Do all mattresses contain glass fibers?

No. Only some mattresses made by Ashley and Nectar have been found to contain fiberglass as a fire retardant in the inner layer of the product so far. Recognizing fiberglass in a mattress is very easy, as you only need a flashlight to spot it.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Some Ashley and Nectar mattresses contain 62% or more fiberglass

All mattresses manufactured in the United States are required under Federal Law to contain a fire retardant. However, fiberglass is a cheap and dangerous alternative, as numerous other effective and safe fire retardants could be used in mattresses.

In the past, chemicals such as antimony and benzene were included in mattresses as fire retardants, but since it's been proven that they are not safe for human health, they were banned completely.

The purpose of glass fibers in a mattress is that the fire retardant will form a protective layer that will prevent the mattress from burning completely if the product catches fire. If you buy a mattress with fiberglass in it, you will find it woven into the internal cover layer. The inner layer of these mattresses is also known as "silica sock" and glass fibers are also referred to as "silicon fibers."

It is worthy of note that glass fibers are only present inside the mattress and not on the product's outer layer. Accordingly, there are no glass fibers in the outer stretch knit cover, so you can sleep directly on it. Nevertheless, when people take out the outer cover to wash itit has a zipper that indicates it is washableglass fibers will inevitably escape in the room, eventually contaminating your entire house.

Because glass fibers in mattresses are microscopic, they are challenging to clean up once they escape the mattress, making them very difficult to remove from your home. For this reason, people who were injured by the glass fibers in a mattress are entitled to financial compensation from the liable company.

How to recognize glass fibers in a mattress

As a general rule, there are 2 ways in which you can spot a mattress with fiberglass: it is cheap, under $600, and it has no removable cover. Nevertheless, Ashley and Nectar mattresses are the exception, as they have a removable cover that allows people to take it off for washing.

You can recognize glass fibers in a mattress by their smell, as many have a specific odor caused by the binder glue and the formaldehyde they release in the air. Furthermore, some of the glass fibers may have a burnt smell or a sweet burnt smell, while others have a smell of urine. However, because they are tiny, glass fibers cannot usually be seen with the naked eye. Instead, you can use a flashlight to find out where the fibers of glass are located in your house, as when they are illuminated, they will sparkle.

File a claim with our help if you were injured by the glass fibers in your mattress

With over two decades of experience in pursuing compensation for people injured by toxic agents and defective products, our legal team has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you recover the money you deserve for your suffering if you were harmed by the glass fibers in an Ashley or Nectar mattress.

Although complex and tedious, the legal process will require minimal involvement on your part, as you will only have to provide us with evidence of you owning a defective mattress and proof of diagnosis or home contamination with fiberglass. Eventually, you will receive the maximum compensation available for your injury from the company if you decide to work with our law firm.

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