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Dabur International Ltd. USA Inc. sells at-home hair relaxer products under various brand names, including ORS Olive Oil. ORS (formerly Organic Root Stimulator) is one of the company's leading hair care brands designed for women with frizzy or extra curly hair. The Olive Oil Relaxer Kit comes in normal and extra strength variants. Although marketed as a safe, no-lye hair relaxer enriched with naturally extracted olive oil, it contains endocrine-disrupting chemicals known to increase women's risks of developing severe health conditions such as uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer.

Claim Application

A National Institutes of Health study links chemical hair relaxers to cancer

The lawsuits against Dabur International were filed after the Sister Study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The decade-long research was conducted by the National Institute of Health and reviewed data on nearly 34,000 American women. The study found a higher risk of uterine cancer among hair relaxer users compared to women who used no such products. The study published on October 17, 2022, found that ingredients in hair relaxer products contain endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic chemicals that can lead to the development of hormone-sensitive diseases such as:

Dabur International defendant in toxic hair relaxer lawsuits

Shortly after the NIH study's initial results were published, a class action was filed against Dabur International at the Illinois federal court. The plaintiffs claim that their long-term use of chemical hair relaxer products manufactured and marketed by Dabur International caused the development of uterine cancer or ovarian cancer. Plaintiffs claim that the company failed to warn consumers that its hair straightening products, such as the ORS Olive Oil hair relaxers, contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals, potentially putting the consumers' health at risk.

Those who intend to file a toxic hair relaxer claim against Dabur International must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • they must have used Dabur International chemical hair relaxers for at least 2 - 5 years
  • they must have used Dabur International hair relaxers at least four times a year
  • they must have been diagnosed with uterine cancer or ovarian cancer

Our attorneys can assist you in filing a toxic hair relaxer claim against Dabur International

If you developed uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer after using Dabur International's hair-straightening products for years, we strongly advise you to contact our law firm, as you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at the Environmental Litigation Group helped numerous clients injured by toxic products to obtain rightful compensation. We will review your case and let you know whether you are entitled to financial compensation; we need only your medical records and evidence of chemical hair relaxer use. It is also important to know that we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not have to pay anything unless we obtain financial compensation for you.