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Creme of Nature, a division of Revlon, promotes popular haircare products, including chemical hair relaxers. Creme of Nature specializes in products that are enriched with natural ingredients. The brand's chemical hair relaxer products also contain strong chemicals known as EDCs that dismantle the hair's protein structure to flatten coarse or curly hair. The results of a recent National Institutes of Health study prompted several product liability lawsuits against Revlon and other cosmetics companies. The plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that the chemical hair relaxers manufactured and marketed by the beauty company can cause the development of hormone-sensitive ailments such as uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

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The Sister Study links chemical hair relaxers to uterine cancer

The National Institutes of Health conducted a major clinical study over a decade and published the study’s initial results in October 2022 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The NIH’s Sister Study established a link between an increased risk of developing cancer and prolonged use of chemical hair relaxer products. Researchers found that women who used hair relaxers for several years were more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer as those who never used such products.

Long-term, frequent use of hair relaxers may be linked to increased risk of:

Revlon defendant in toxic hair relaxer lawsuits

Plaintiffs in toxic hair relaxer lawsuits claim that prolonged use of chemical hair relaxers marketed by the cosmetics company can cause severe health conditions in women. The complaints filed toxic hair relaxer claims against the company, accusing Revlon of promoting their hair straightening products toward women of color while failing to warn about the danger that some of the chemical compounds pose for human health.

If you used Creme of Nature hair relaxers, you should know that you need to meet some eligibility requirements to file a toxic hair relaxer claim against Revlon:

  • you must have used Creme of Nature chemical hair relaxers for at least 2 - 5 years
  • you must have used Creme of Nature chemical hair relaxer products at least four times a year
  • you must have medical records that confirm your ovarian or uterine cancer diagnosis

We can help you file a toxic hair relaxer claim against Revlon

Do you suspect that regular and prolonged use of chemical hair relaxers caused uterine or ovarian cancer? We strongly advise you to contact our law firm for a free consultation. Our attorneys can help you file a toxic hair relaxer claim against the manufacturer with minimal involvement at your end. You only need to provide evidence of chemical hair relaxer use and your medical records to confirm your diagnosis. The attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group work on a contingency fee basis meaning there is no upfront cost to you until they obtain the compensation you deserve from the responsible manufacturer.