Colon cancer and asbestos exposure

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Patients with asbestos-related colon cancer will always have an underlying disease such as asbestosis or pleural effusion, even if they don't show symptoms or it was overlooked in the diagnosis phase.

1 year
survival rate
5 year
survival rate
10 year
survival rate

General colon cancer prognosis

Asbestos caused colon cancer prognosis

Occupational exposure to asbestos for long periods may lead to colon cancer. How does it happens?


People working with asbestos inhaled this substance’s thin particles.


Asbestos fibers can also be found in contaminated foods or water.

Colorectal cancer can be cured in up to 90% of people when it is discovered in its early stages. Look for symptoms!

Rectal Bleeding
Rectal Bleeding
Bowel Habits Changes
Weight Loss
Abdominal Discomfort
Weakness and Fatigue

If polyps are found, they can be removed the same day!

Optical colonoscopy


Virtual colonoscopy

Average cost of colon cancer surgery is $31,738

Early detection

$30,000 / patient


Late stage

$120,000 / patient

Colon cancer patients represented by Environmental Litigation Group received an average amount of $51, 376 from asbestos trust funds.

90% of new cases occur in people who are
50 or older

1 of 3 of people diagnosed with colon cancer will die

35-40% more common in men than in women

Regular physical activity decreases the risk of colon cancer by as much as 50%
  • $5,847 Polypectomy &
    Local excision
  • $23,386 Colectomy, open or laparoscopic
  • $23,386 Colectomy, open or laparoscopic $30,000 Chemotherapy for 8-weeks
  • $29,200 Colostomy $30,000 Chemotherapy for 8-weeks
  • $26,575 Partial Hepatectomy $9,000 Chemoembolization Surgery $38,226 Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
  • Stage 0 High grade dysplasia
  • Stage 1 Colon Polyp
  • Stage 2 Cancer invades
    lymph nodes
  • Stage 3 Cancerous lymph nodes
  • Stage 4 Metastasis
    to other organs

New polyps will develop in at least 30% of people who had polyps Follow-up with your doctor!

Fecal Occult Blood Testing

Every 1 year


Every 5 year


Every 10 year
49,700 people died of colon cancer in the U.S in 2015
1.3 milion workers in the U.S. are still subjected to asbestos exposure
2nd leading cause of cancer-related death is colon cancer

Lifestyle factors

Lack of regular exercise
Low fruit/vegetable intake
Low fiber & high fat diet
Alcohol consumption
Insufficient intake of clean safe water
Tobacco use

13% more adults

screened for colorectal cancer

50% cases prevented

with colorectal cancer screening

14 bilion cost

for colorectal cancer care

Frequent screening could save 30,000 lives in the U.S. every year

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