Esophagus cancer and asbestos exposure

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Patients with asbestos-related esophagus cancer will always have an underlying disease such as asbestosis or pleural effusion, even if they don't show symptoms or it was overlooked in the diagnosis phase

Esophagus Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

1 Year survival rate

Esophagus Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

5 Year survival rate

Esophagus Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

10 Year survival rate

Occupational exposure to asbestos for long periods may lead to esophagus cancer. How does it happen?


People would inhale airborne asbestos fibers while working with the mineral.


Asbestos fibers can also be found in contaminated foods or water.

Esophageal cancer can be cured in up to 50% of cases when it is discovered in its early stages. Look out for symptoms!

Weight Loss
Indigestion or
Coughing or
Chest Pain,
Pressure or

Esophageal carcinoma affects more than 450,000 people worldwide.

1 in 125 men will develop esophageal cancer

67 is the median age of diagnosis

15,690 deaths caused by esophageal cancer

16,940 cases diagnosed every year

7th most common cause of cancer death among men

Stage I Tumor is smaller
than 2 cm

Stage II Cancer has grown
into the main muscle

Stage III Cancer has grown
through the muscle wall

Stage IV Cancer has spread to
distant lymph nodes
or to other organs

Five times more common in men than in women

Estimate Treatment Costs

$21,000 Surgery


$8,600Radiation Therapy

Surgical Treatment Option

Minimally Invasive

Endoscopic mucosal resection

Open Esophagectomy

Esophagus cancer patients represented by Environmental Litigation Group received an average amount of $61, 128 from asbestos trust funds.

Percentage of New Cases by Age

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