Pulmonary fibrosis and asbestos exposure

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Pulmonary fibrosis typically occurs in people who were indirectly exposed to asbestos at least 20 years ago and is commonly associated with a heavy, short-lived asbestos exposure.

It occurs mostly in middle-aged and older adults

Men are twice more likely than women to suffer from it

5 million people worldwide have pulmonary fibrosis

40,000 people die of pulmonary fibrosis each year

Pulmonary fibrosis usually occurs between the ages of 50 and 70

  • Megesterol
  • Weight loss

    Asbestos symptoms
  • Fatigue

    Asbestos symptoms
  • Avoid heat
    Take time off
  • Guaifenesin
    Cough Drops
  • A persistent cough

    Asbestos symptoms
  • Shortness of breath

    Asbestos symptoms
  • Chest CT Scans
    Oxygen Concentrator
  • Chest pain

    Asbestos symptoms
  • Tramadol

Pulmonary fibrosis affects as many as 14-43 in 100,000 people

Estimate Treatment Cost AVERAGE COST: $96,000

$4,320 Diagnosis
$21,600 Monitoring
$42,240 Management of Acute Exacerbations
$1,920 End-of-life Care
$26,000 Treatment

It is important to work with your doctor to determine if you have IPF or another form of interstitial lung disease

50% die within 3 years 50% die within 3 years

Approximately 2 years is the average time for diagnosing

8,000 new cases diagnosed annually

50% of cases are misdiagnosed

Most patients are diagnosed 1-12 years after their first symptoms

877 of 1754

Pulmonary fibrosis lung transplants performed in 2012

450 of 1630

Pulmonary fibrosis cases are currently on the waiting list

1074 of 2307

Pulmonary fibrosis cases added to the waiting list in 2012

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