Asbestos turbines

Asbestos insulation was used on the interior as well as the exterior of the turbine. Due to extreme heat, the asbestos would become friable. The maintenance crew that had to repair or replace parts around these machineries would disturb the asbestos particles making them airborne.

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12 years

As asbestos was regarded as one of the most effective solutions in order to protect the turbines from overheating, this poisonous mineral was used heavily on the inside walls of the turbines.

In spite of preventing the dangers related to extreme heat by keeping these machineries working at a safe temperature, the asbestos contained within was putting the lives of the workers interacting with it in danger. The risk of exposure was incredibly high as the constant heat would have made the material friable. You could have been exposed if:

  • You worked directly with asbestos containing turbines
  • You performed maintenance work in factories or plants
  • You worked on ships
  • You performed demolition work

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos turbines

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos turbines

During our extended period of activity we have learned that your health as a former worker in an asbestos laden industry is the most important thing for you and your family. When it begins deteriorating you start to realize that the costs of the necessary treatment exceed your expectations. In order to help you with this burden, we will file claims with the asbestos trust funds of the companies responsible for exposing you to asbestos insulated turbines and acquire for you the financial compensation that will aid you in covering these costs.

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