Statute of limitations for our claims

If you or a family member has cancer or another disease that is the consequence of toxic exposure, we can help you file a claim to recover financial compensation. However, a very important aspect you need to keep in mind is that there is a time limitation for filing a claim. The statute of limitations for our claims, which depends on each state, refers to the period of time between the moment you receive your diagnosis and the submission of the claim. It can range between 1 and 6 years, depending on your state of residence.

People who receive a diagnosis as a result of toxic exposure are eligible for compensation. Nevertheless, if you fail to file a toxic exposure claim within a certain period of time, you will no longer be eligible for compensation, which is why you should know what the statute of limitations is for the state you live in. Every state and the federal government have their own statutes of limitations for different types of cases. However, it is worthy of note that the statute of limitations can expand in special cases, such as when:

  • the injured person was a minor
  • the injured person was mentally incapacitated
  • the liable person left the state for a certain amount of time following the injury

It is also important to know that the statute of limitations can also be affected by a number of various aspects. One essential aspect you should keep in mind is that you can initially be misdiagnosed, as many diseases caused by toxic agents have symptoms that are similar to more common health problems. For this reason, we highly advise you to seek a second and even a third opinion from different medical specialists if you have a history of toxic exposure. Not only will a correct diagnosis allow you to receive the treatment you need, but it may also make you eligible for compensation.

If you receive a new diagnosis that qualifies you for filing a toxic exposure claim, the statute of limitations will begin from the moment you have your new diagnosis. Regardless of your case, whether your diagnosis stems from toxic exposure or the use of a defective product, we strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of our specialized attorneys as soon as possible, as these cases are very complex. The sooner you seek legal assistance, the more time our attorneys will have to thoroughly prepare your claim for submission.

What is the statute of limitations for toxic exposure claims for each U.S. state?

Every state in the United States has a specific statute of limitations within which you can submit your toxic exposure claim. The period of time you have to file a toxic exposure claim depends mainly on the law effective in the state of your interest. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to the rule and only a specialized attorney can help you with information in this regard, which is why it is crucial to contact one as soon as you were affected by toxic exposure. The following are the statutes of limitations for every state for personal injury claims:

  • Alabama: 2 years
  • Alaska: 2 years
  • Arizona: 2 years
  • Arkansas: 3 years
  • California: 2 years
  • Colorado: 2 years
  • Connecticut: 2 years
  • Delaware: 2 years
  • Florida: 4 years
  • Georgia: 2 years
  • Hawaii: 2 years
  • Idaho: 2 years
  • Illinois: 2 years
  • Indiana: 2 years
  • Iowa: 2 years
  • Kansas: 2 years
  • Kentucky: 1 year
  • Louisiana: 1 year
  • Maine: 6 years
  • Maryland: 3 years
  • Massachusetts: 3 years
  • Michigan: 3 years
  • Minnesota: 2 years
  • Mississippi: 3 years
  • Missouri: 5 years
  • Montana: 3 years
  • Nebraska: 4 years
  • Nevada: 2 years
  • New Hampshire: 3 years
  • New Jersey: 2 years
  • New Mexico: 3 years
  • New York: 3 years
  • North Carolina: 3 years
  • North Dakota: 6 years
  • Ohio: 2 years
  • Oklahoma: 2 years
  • Oregon: 2 years
  • Pennsylvania: 2 years
  • Rhode Island: 3 years
  • South Carolina: 3 years
  • South Dakota: 3 years
  • Tennessee: 1 year
  • Texas: 2 years
  • Utah: 4 years
  • Vermont: 3 years
  • Virginia: 2 years
  • Washington: 3 years
  • West Virginia: 2 years
  • Wisconsin: 3 years
  • Wyoming: 4 years

File a toxic exposure claim with the help of our specialized attorneys

With nearly 30 years of experience in pursuing financial compensation on behalf of victims of toxic exposure, our attorneys specialize in filing toxic exposure claims and will gladly help you recover the money you deserve for your suffering. The majority of our clients are industrial workers and veterans. Although the legal process is quite complex and tedious, it will require minimal involvement on your part, as you will only have to provide your employment or military records, as well as your medical records. We will thoroughly prepare your claim for submission, which will be accompanied by solid evidence, as our legal experts will conduct extensive research to discover additional proof for your case. Eventually, you will obtain the most favorable outcome for your toxic exposure claim if you choose to file it with the assistance of our legal team. For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.