Tobacco Claims

In the United States, over 34 million people smoke tobacco cigarettes on a regular basis. As a consequence, approximately 16 million individuals struggle with a disease as a result of their unhealthy habits throughout the country. While you may think there is no point in filing a personal injury claim with a tobacco manufacturer, since there is plenty of advertising warning about the awful health effects of tobacco use, we are glad to announce that this is entirely possible with the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in product liability cases. Lung cancer is caused by smoking in 80% to 90% of cases, but there are numerous other serious diseases affecting the respiratory system you can seek compensation for from the tobacco industry. If you are or were a smoker and struggle with a disease that developed as a result of this habit, we strongly encourage you to contact our law firm.

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What harmful substances does tobacco smoke contain?

In addition to nicotine, the addictive chemical in tobacco that produces a feeling of relaxation in smokers, there are over 7,000 harmful substances present in this product, out of which 250 are dangerous. According to medical researchers, at least 69 of these chemicals found in tobacco smoke contribute to the development of cancer.

It is estimated that people who smoke will come to suffer from a disease within 17 years, a period of time that may be shorter or longer depending on factors such as the potency of cigarettes, how many cigarettes they are smoking per day, and how susceptible they are to developing a health issue related to tobacco consumption. The following are some of the most shocking and dangerous chemicals that are lurking in cigarettes, which people inevitably breathe in while they engage in this habit:

  • arsenic: a substance used in rat poison
  • lead: a chemical used in batteries
  • formaldehyde: a substance present in embalming fluid
  • benzene: a chemical found in rubber, cement, and gasoline
  • carbon monoxide: a substance released by car exhaust fumes
  • hydrogen cyanide: a chemical that is highly poisonous to humans
  • ammonia: a substance commonly present in household cleaners
  • radioactive elements: hazardous agents that are carcinogenic
  • cadmium: a substance that can be found in battery acid
  • hexamine: a chemical present in barbecue lighter fluid
  • toluene: a substance used to make paint
  • butane: a chemical present in lighter fluid

These are only some of the carcinogenic substances found in cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker, just take a moment to imagine what a large amount of these hazardous chemicals enters your body every time you light up. Furthermore, because smoking can easily become a habit, these harmful substances accumulate in the body, particularly in your respiratory system, and can subsequently lead to the development of a disease over the years. Whether you are a smoker or you quit and struggle with a disease associated with tobacco consumption, you have the right to file a personal injury claim with the manufacturer. Nevertheless, because the legal process is very complex and challenging, you need the help of a lawyer who specializes in this area of practice, namely product liability.

What diseases can smoking tobacco cause?

Although lung cancer is often the first disease you may think of when talking about smoking, there are numerous other terrible health issues this habit can result in.

Smoking affects your entire body, not only your respiratory system, as it is known to cause diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and stroke, to name a few.

However, when it comes to tobacco litigation, there are only certain diseases that qualify you for filing a personal injury claim, namely those that take a heavy toll on your respiratory system:

It is worthy of note that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly known as COPD, includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Thereby, if you are or were a smoker who came to suffer from one of these diseases, please contact our law firm, as our attorneys specialize in product liability and will gladly help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to from the responsible tobacco companies. For additional requirement criteria, continue reading below.

What misdiagnoses can you receive as a tobacco smoker?

Because only smokers with a diagnosis of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and throat cancer are eligible for compensation, having the right diagnosis is essential. Not only will it qualify you for compensation, but it will also help you receive suitable treatment for your disease. If you were or are a smoker who is struggling with respiratory symptoms and you do not receive one of the previous diagnoses upon your first medical appointment, we strongly encourage you to seek a second and even a third opinion from different medical specialists. The following are the most common misdiagnoses in people with lung disease as a consequence of tobacco smoking:

  • pneumonia
  • asthma
  • acid reflux
  • encysted lung effusion
  • lung abscesses
  • lung nodules
  • thoracic Hodgkin's disease
  • pulmonary embolism
  • tuberculosis
  • esophageal varices
  • achalasia
  • reflux esophagitis
  • caustic esophagitis
  • infectious esophagitis
  • esophageal ulcer
  • esophageal diverticulum
  • Boerhaave syndrome
  • acute tonsillitis

If you receive one of the diagnoses above and have a history of tobacco smoking, please visit another medical specialist, as the risk of developing lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or throat cancer is very high. By having your respiratory system examined by multiple experts, you will eventually receive a correct and accurate diagnosis, as misdiagnosis is, unfortunately, a common occurrence among smokers. Similarly, if you have a family member who is or was a smoker and experiences symptoms that may indicate one of these diseases, you should advise them to seek another opinion from another medical professional.

What category of smokers can file a personal injury claim?

Even though it may seem unfair that only a certain group of smokers is eligible for filing a personal injury claim with a tobacco company, there is a good reason behind this criterion.

According to medical science, it takes several years or even decades for a disease to develop as a consequence of tobacco smoking, which is why only people who have been smoking for a long time qualify for compensation.

Only people who began smoking before 1964 as minors and received their diagnosis in the last two years qualify for filing a tobacco product liability claim to recover financial compensation.

If you meet this eligibility criterion, we strongly advise you to reach out to our lawyers, as our law firm specializes in product liability and will provide you with quality legal assistance so that you can obtain the maximum sum of money you are entitled to from the tobacco industry. It is noteworthy that the first tobacco lawsuit was filed in February 2000 against Philip Morris by a Californian smoker who was struggling with inoperable lung cancer. The man received $51.5 million for his physical and emotional distress from the tobacco manufacturer and afterward, over 40 states began suing tobacco companies under antitrust and state consumer protection laws. Consequently, it is possible to obtain a favorable outcome if you decide to file a personal injury claim with the tobacco company responsible for your disease with the help of a specialized lawyer.

What are the most renowned tobacco companies in the United States?

While there are numerous tobacco companies throughout the country, there is some that account for over 92% of the sales. These are Ligget, ITG Brands, Philip Morris USA Inc., and Reynolds American Inc. However, there are other renowned tobacco companies in the United States that are responsible for the diseases and health problems smokers came to struggle with over recent years, such as:

  • Vector Group Ltd.
  • Swedish Match North America LLC
  • Turning Point Brands Inc.
  • Mafco Consolidated Group Inc.
  • North Atlantic Trading Company, Inc.
  • Congar International Corp.
  • American Snuff Company, LLC
  • Commonwealth Brands, Inc.
  • U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

Regardless of the tobacco company that manufactures the cigarettes you have been smoking, our attorneys will file a personal injury claim with it, which will eventually result in financial compensation for you. Approaching each case with knowledge, resources, and dedication, our legal team will help you obtain the money you are entitled to for your suffering from the liable company. It is important to know that if multiple tobacco companies are responsible for your disease, we will file a personal injury claim with all of them.

We provide quality legal assistance to people injured by tobacco smoking

With over 25 years of experience in helping people injured by hazardous substances recover the financial compensation they were eligible for, our legal team is ready to listen to you and thoroughly review your case. Although the legal process is very complex and challenging, your involvement will be minimal, as you will only have to send your lawyer your medical records, documents that will be used as evidence to support your personal injury claim. In the meantime, you will be able to focus completely on your health and treatment and our legal experts will conduct extensive research to gather all the necessary evidence for your case. Eventually, within several months to one year, you will receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to from the liable tobacco companies. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact our law firm and we will promptly answer your questions and address your concerns.