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Since 2004, Zinus, Inc. has been manufacturing mattresses, which the company claims to infuse with natural ingredients such as green tea, olive oil, and charcoal to eliminate harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants, and formaldehyde. However, to allegedly safeguard their consumers, the company includes glass fibers as a fire retardant in their mattresses, which is highly dangerous to the people who use their products. Because multiple consumers have been injured by the glass fibers present in the mattresses, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Zinus, Inc. in the spring of 2020 and, after it is approved by the federal court, you can also join it if you were injured by using the mattress of this company. Our attorneys will help you recover the financial compensation you deserve for your injury, as we also specialize in product liability cases.

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Zinus Inc. failed to warn consumers of the dangers of the glass fibers in their mattresses

Similar to many other companies that manufacture mattresses, Zinus Inc. weaves glass fibers into the inner cover of their mattresses to improve the ability of the product to stand up to fire. Their mattresses have a shocking portion of glass fibers in the inner cover, namely 62%. As long as the structure of the mattress is stable and the outer cover is left on, the glass fibers remain in place. Nevertheless, when the outer cover of the mattress is removed for washing, the glass fibers within the product can easily be released in your bedroom, which highly endangers your health.

Furthermore, the glass fibers can subsequently attach themselves to furniture and carpeting in other rooms with help from the HVAC system, contaminating your house for years to come. Due to the extent of contamination, you will need to hire a team of professionals to safely remove the glass fibers from your home, which may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Because of their microscopic size, glass fibers can coat furniture, surfaces, and flooring, which means that there is no way for a family to avoid touching or inhaling these dangerous particles.

It was only recently that Zinus, Inc. warned consumers of the risk of removing the outer cover of the mattress. Because the cover has a zipper, as well as because the tag of the mattress did not include a warning of the dangers of exposure to the glass fibers in the inner cover, this made people think it is safe to remove the outer cover for cleaning.

According to the lawsuit filed against the company, Zinus, Inc. had known about this defect for more than 8 months before it responded to complaints from consumers through their website, informing people that the outer cover of the mattress was not washable. When asked about the safety of removing the outer cover, the company responded that “Our mattresses are self-contained wonder delivery systems! Removing the mattress cover could jeopardize that system. The mattress cover isn’t washable, and removing it could inhibit the fire safety barrier, so please always leave the cover on”. Thereby, people have the legal right to seek financial compensation for the injuries caused by the glass fibers in the Zinus mattresses.

What health problems can exposure to the glass fibers in the Zinus mattress lead to?

There are numerous health problems exposure to glass fibers can cause, as the particles are sharp and can thereby lead to serious injuries in people who come in contact with them. If you came to struggle with one of the following health problems caused by exposure to the glass fibers in the Zinus mattress, you may be eligible for compensation:

It is noteworthy that the glass fibers can also become embedded in the skin, which requires surgical removal. Therefore, exposure to glass fibers released by the Zinus mattress can result in life-threatening injuries, which is why people whose health was affected by coming in contact with these dangerous particles have the legal right to seek compensation. Not only will joining the class-action lawsuit provide you with the opportunity to get the financial compensation you deserve for your suffering, but it will also hold the company liable for negligence and for failure to warn of the risks associated with exposure to glass fibers.

The status of the lawsuit filed against Zinus, Inc.

The class-action lawsuit against Zinus, Inc. was filed in the spring of 2020 in federal court and is currently awaiting the approval of class certification. It is important to know that there are other defendants listed in this class-action lawsuit, including Target Corporation, Amazon.com, LLC, Walmart, Inc. Wayfair LLC, and eBay Inc. The filing of the complaint, which is 29 pages long, comes in the wake of a news report broadcasted on KMOV4 in St. Louis, Missouri titled “Hidden Hazards”. This news report focuses on “the danger lurking in your mattress”. The report concerns 2 consumers whose Zinus mattress released “extremely large amounts of dangerous glass fiber” that led to serious and potentially life-threatening injuries and “destroyed thousands of dollars of stuff and their whole life”, according to the lawsuit.

Another plaintiff removed the outer cover of the mattress to clean it in the washing machine in late January 2020. While the Zinus mattress was uncovered, she and her son jumped on it, which released a large amount of glass fibers in the room. The husband of the woman woke up early the next morning and found that his skin was very irritated and extremely itchy. At some point during the same day, the plaintiff discovered that “his whole body was covered with little, hard-to-see shards of glass”. Subsequently, the plaintiffs realized that their home and many objects around the house were “blanketed with the same little shards of glass”.

Join the class action lawsuit if you were injured by using the Zinus mattress

In the unfortunate event that you were also injured by the glass fibers in the Zinus mattress, we strongly encourage you to join the class-action lawsuit once it is approved, as you are likely entitled to financial compensation for your suffering. With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for victims of toxic exposure and defective products, our legal team will help you recover the maximum compensation you are eligible for if your health was affected by exposure to glass fibers from the Zinus mattress. The only documents you will need to provide our attorneys with are evidence of owning a Zinus mattress and proof of related diagnosis.

Common questions

If you were injured by the glass fibers in a Zinus mattress, it is a good idea to keep it in a safe place for evidence so that you can recover financial compensation for your injury. However, after you receive the money you deserve, you should dispose of it with the help of a team of professionals, as you may risk contaminating even more space in your house with glass fibers.

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In general, mattresses that have no zipper on their outer cover and that are relatively cheap contain glass fibers. However, in the case of Zinus mattresses, they still have a zipper on the outer cover, despite containing glass fibers, which makes the company liable for misleading their consumers.

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Throughout the United States, there are at least 800,000 people who have a Zinus mattress, according to the information on the website of the company. If you were injured by the glass fibers in your Zinus mattress, you are entitled to financial compensation from the company.

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The amount of financial compensation you can recover for your injury that occurred as a result of exposure to glass fibers from a Zinus mattress highly depends on how severe your injury is. Our attorneys will strive to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case if your health was affected by the glass fibers in a Zinus mattress.

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Exposure to glass fibers from Zinus mattresses can result in numerous severe injuries, such as chronic breathing problems, stomach irritation, and itchy skin. If you came in contact with glass fibers from a Zinus mattress and you were injured, you are eligible for compensation.

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Yes, all mattresses manufactured by Zinus contain glass fibers as a fire retardant. When the company was asked about this issue, they said that their mattresses contained silicon fiber, which is another name for glass fibers.

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