How Camp Lejeune veterans can meet the burden of proof when filing a claim

Treven Pyles

By Treven Pyles

Posted on July 30th, 2023

To prove causation, Camp Lejeune veterans must demonstrate a causal association between exposure to contaminated water and their disease. This requires providing enough evidence to show a causal link between exposure to toxic water during active duty and the development of specific diseases.

There are several types of evidence that can be used to establish causation in the cases of Camp Lejeune veterans seeking to apply for VA disability compensation. These include epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and animal studies. In addition to proving causation, veterans must also show that their disease occurred within a specified period following their discharge from active duty. For instance, Camp Lejeune veterans diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease must file a claim for benefits no later than 10 years after their discharge.

The VA has set up a system known as the Compensation Decision Review Officer System (CDROS). It provides a process for reviewing decisions concerning disability compensation. This is the office to which veterans will have to submit medical evidence. CDROS reviews each claim and makes recommendations based on the information submitted by the veteran and the VA medical examiner. If the Camp Lejeune veteran disagrees with the recommendation, they have 30 days to appeal the decision. If they do not agree with the decision, they may submit additional evidence to support their case. Once all appeals have been exhausted, the Secretary of the VA makes the final determination.

Our experienced attorneys can help you file your Camp Lejeune water contamination claim

Since 1990, our attorneys have been dedicating their endeavors to pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims and will gladly offer you a free case evaluation if you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at Camp Lejeune and now struggle with a disease. To have their case assessed, veterans will have to submit their military records, which they must retrieve, and their medical records with their diagnosis.

Family members will be asked to send our legal team evidence of their stay at the military base in addition to their medical records. Eligible individuals will have their claims prioritized, as we understand that many toxic exposure victims struggle financially due to the cost of treatment. If our efforts are fruitful, you will receive the compensation you deserve for your unjust suffering. We work on a contingency fee basis.