The concurrence of bladder cancer and pulmonary disease in asbestos exposure victims

By Shaniqua Williams

Posted on May 08th, 2020

Because asbestos fibers can travel from the lungs to the bladder through the bloodstream over the years, people with a history of asbestos exposure may develop bladder cancer along with lung disease. For this reason, it is important to determine the primary origin of the asbestos fibers in their body.

Every year, over 81,000 people receive a bladder cancer diagnosis throughout the United States, a significant number of whom also struggle with a form of lung disease as a result of occupational or military asbestos exposure. Since bladder cancer alone does not qualify a person with a history of asbestos exposure for recovering compensation, the pulmonary disease they suffer from must also be diagnosed. However, many individuals who were exposed to asbestos are not aware that their lungs have been affected by the asbestos fibers they inhaled, which is why they need to undergo screening to determine whether asbestos fibers are present in their lungs. If they are, they immediately qualify for compensation from asbestos trust funds and, if they are a veteran, from the VA as well.

Why do many asbestos exposure victims have bladder cancer?

Since once inside the body, asbestos fibers can easily travel through the bloodstream to other organs, they can also reach the bladder, to which they will attach and gradually cause inflammation and tissue scarring.

Over the years, these symptoms may give way to bladder cancer. However, in the majority of people with a history of asbestos exposure, the primary origin of the asbestos fibers is in their lungs, as inhalation is the main way of exposure.

Thereby, asbestos fibers can travel to the bladder from the lungs and malignant tumors may develop inside the organ.

While the asbestos fibers in their lungs may not cause any symptoms in some asbestos exposure victims, they may lead to the development of malignant and benign pulmonary diseases, such as:

Consequently, if you suffer from one of the diseases and conditions above, you are at high risk of developing bladder cancer if asbestos exposure is involved. Asbestos fibers may reach the bladder through the bloodstream following inhalation, in which case they will attach themselves to the outer lining of the bladder, as well as following ingestion, after which they will become embedded to the inside of the organ. Bladder cancer whose cause is asbestos exposure occurs in approximately 10,000 people in the country annually.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure without a diagnosis but experience the following symptoms, we strongly encourage you to seek medical attention, as you may have a form of lung disease:

  • chest pain
  • a persistent cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fatigue
  • difficulty breathing
  • coughing up blood
  • nail clubbing
  • hoarseness
  • wheezing
  • loss of appetite
  • unintentional weight loss
  • headache

Free asbestos screenings for asbestos exposure victims without a diagnosis

If you have a history of occupational or military asbestos exposure, asbestos fibers are bound to be found in your lungs, whether you experience symptoms or not.

Determining how much damage asbestos fibers have caused to your lungs is crucial in assigning a correct diagnosis, as well as in qualifying for compensation from asbestos trust funds and, if you are a veteran, from the VA as well. Our medical specialists have vast experience in diagnosing lung diseases which stem from asbestos exposure and they will gladly offer you a free of charge asbestos screening. They will carefully examine your chest X-ray for asbestos fibers so that you can recover the compensation you deserve if they are present in your lungs. Therefore, if you do not have a diagnosis but suspect you may have developed a lung disease as a consequence of asbestos exposure, our medical experts will be able to tell you with certainty whether your lungs are affected or not.

In the unfortunate case asbestos fibers are found in your lungs or you already have a diagnosis, our attorneys will help you file a claim to recover the financial compensation you are entitled to for your physical and emotional distress. We will file a claim with the asbestos trust funds of the companies which manufactured the hazardous products you were exposed to, as well a with the VA, if you are a veteran with a history of military asbestos exposure. Our attorneys specialize in pursuing asbestos exposure cases and have obtained compensation for thousands of victims and their family members.

Therefore, if you struggle with a form of lung disease, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our law firm. We will strive to recover the compensation you are eligible for within the shortest time possible. However, it is important to keep in mind that, in the majority of states, asbestos exposure cases have a statute of limitations of 3 years, which means you can only apply for compensation within this period of time.