What is the VA doing to protect veterans’ physical and financial well-being during the pandemic?

By Treven Pyles

Posted on March 19th, 2020

As the U.S. grapples with the coronavirus crisis, veterans who have developed illnesses due to asbestos exposure during their military service are concerned about their ability to submit claims and evidence to the VA and how to have an award in their favor. We highly prioritize veterans who request our assistance to pursue compensation claims.

Concerns regarding the novel coronavirus continue to grow daily as the number of confirmed diagnoses has surged in the United States. We are particularly concerned about the impact on the veteran population with the U.S. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 18 million veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. With older people at the gravest risk of severe illness from COVID-19, the VA must be prepared to meet their health care needs.

The VA implemented appropriate measures aimed to lower the risk of veterans being exposed to the new coronavirus

The higher case rate among older Americans strongly suggests a true underlying, biological vulnerability, probably exacerbated by preexisting illnesses which, according to infectious disease experts sharply raise the risk of both infection and serious illness. Veterans and their loved ones deserve to know how the VA intends to care for those who have served our country and protected our freedom. During the COVID-19 outbreak, in the effort to prevent the spread of the infection, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it has proactively implemented protective measures aimed to protect and care for veterans in the face of the emerging health risk. These measures include:

  • Clinical screenings at VA health care facilities - Like other federal agencies, the VA uses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines for administering tests.
  • Safeguards to protect nursing homes - All VA nursing homes will adopt a "no visitor" stance, meaning no outside visitors will be allowed to see residents due to COVID-19. Nursing home staff will be actively screened daily and dedicated to working at VA-run nursing homes.

Nationally, the VA is monitoring patients with confirmed cases. Any veteran exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19 such as cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing should immediately contact their local VA facility.

The VA urges veterans to call before visiting. Doctors have a specific protocol in place for anyone who may have COVID-19. For example, they immediately mask and isolate in a separate room anyone who has respiratory symptoms.

Amid COVID-19, we highly prioritize veterans who request our legal assistance to pursue compensation claims

People who are over the age of 65 are at a higher risk of developing severe coronavirus symptoms, according to data collected by the WHO. Veterans with underlying chronic conditions are at increased risk of acute events or exacerbations from the infection with the new coronavirus.

Our veterans are the heroes who came back from warfares with distressing memories difficult to forget, and with the poison of environmental agents and toxic chemicals ravaging their bodies.

Today's military families face difficult financial challenges when it comes to managing their money and saving for the future. The impact of a veteran's illness is felt by the whole family and support must be provided.

Veterans diagnosed with medical conditions that occurred as a result of military asbestos exposure are eligible for compensation which may include financial support and other benefits like health care.

The process of securing disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs can be lengthy, and frustrating, and it often takes multiple years to obtain a decision on disability benefits.

As the U.S. grapples with the coronavirus crisis, veterans who have developed illnesses due to exposure to asbestos during their military service are concerned about their ability to submit claims and evidence to the VA and how to have an award in their favor. Many of those veterans who sacrificed to serve our country and protect our freedoms, now find themselves vulnerable to the risks of COVID-19.

For those who never hesitated to put themselves in harm's way, our attorneys will expedite the asbestos claim process so that they can recover the money they deserve as soon as possible.

We are prepared to take action to protect our most vulnerable

If you are a veteran who developed a disease as a consequence of military asbestos exposure, you are eligible for compensation both from asbestos trust funds and the VA. With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for veterans and their family members, our attorneys will help you file a claim to recover the compensation you deserve for your physical and emotional suffering.

While the legal process is complex, your involvement will be minimal, as you will only have to provide your lawyer with your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records so that they can use these documents as proof of asbestos exposure and related diagnosis. It is important to file a claim as soon as you receive your diagnosis. With the help of a specialized attorney, you are bound to recover the maximum compensation you qualify for.