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No-obligation no-cost screening for asbestos fibers

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on September 09th, 2019

The after-effects of lung diseases caused by inhaling asbestos fibers generally include shortness of breath or a chronic cough. Many times, victims of diseases caused by asbestos have little idea that the disease is there until it's grown big enough to cause irreversible effects.

Diseases caused by asbestos can lay dormant in your body for years and even decades. Then, when they suddenly begin to grow, health crises are preceded by limited warning signs. The majority of asbestos victims are the people who spent their working lives in close contact with asbestos, veterans or plumbers or electricians or builders. Or even the wives or other relatives who have washed out their husbands' work overalls at the end of the day, overalls that were covered in asbestos. Therefore, if you or a family member has suffered from asbestos exposure, and are experiencing shortness of breath or a chronic cough, further tests should be done to detect lung scarring, lung nodules, or lung spotting and to correctly diagnose your disease early for proper treatment.

Chest X-rays and pulmonary function tests for asbestos victims

Doctors most often use pulmonary function tests (PFTs) when initially diagnosing an asbestos-related lung condition. To diagnose these diseases, PFTs have to detect abnormalities and imaging scans must show scarred lung tissue.

PFTs measure spirometry (airflow), test lung volumes, and diffusion capacity and can determine the location of a defect. To summarize it, PFTs measure how much air you can inhale and exhale, and how much carbon monoxide can enter your bloodstream within a certain period.

While the diagnostic procedure for asbestos-related lung diseases will generally include a PFT, a physical must also be conducted at the same time as the PFT by a doctor who is physically present. The physical is just as important as the PFT breathing test.

No-cost asbestos tests in Birmingham, AL

The complex nature of asbestos lung diseases, their long latency period of up to five decades, and the symptoms similar to those caused by other conditions frequently lead to their misdiagnosis.

The PFT and the physical are diagnostic tests that must meet specific standards. Our law firm has found that these tests are seldom done correctly, that is why we help our clients with medical assistance.

At the moment, however, we offer free asbestos screening only in Birmingham, AL. If you are willing to travel to Birmingham at your cost we will test you free of charge. 90% of the industrial workers and veterans that came in for screening tests have tested positive and we were able to qualify them for asbestos trust funds.

If you are unable to travel to Birmingham we will keep your information and we will let you know when a facility opens closer to your location.

Not sure if you qualify for an asbestos trust fund? Call us at 205.328.9200 to connect with our attorneys who are well-versed in asbestos-related cases and can help you through the trust fund process.