The importance of joining the lawsuit against Zinus

By Treven Pyles

Posted on August 02nd, 2021

While the lawsuit against Zinus and the retailers that sold their defective mattresses has been awaiting the approval of class certification since the spring of 2020, you can join it with the assistance of our skilled and resourceful attorneys if you had a negative experience with one of their products.

On March 12, 2020, Amanda Chandler and Robert Durham, a couple from Collinsville, Illinois, filed a class-action lawsuit against Zinus, Inc. and the retailers that sold their mattresses, alleging that their products were defective. In addition to the company, the defendants in the lawsuit were initially Target Corporation,, LLC, Walmart, Inc. Wayfair LLC, and eBay Inc. However, eBay, Inc. was dismissed from the proposed lawsuit against Zinus, Inc. on April 15, 2020, meaning that it is no longer a defendant. The lawsuit, which now includes 196 plaintiffs, is currently awaiting the approval of class certification, but more and more people are joining it with each passing month.

The reason why the couple decided to file a lawsuit against Zinus, Inc. concerns the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses. Since 2004, the company has been manufacturing a wide range of mattresses with fiberglass as a fire retardant and has so far sold over 15 million products worldwide. In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 800,000 people have a defective Zinus mattress. The major mistake Zinus, Inc. made was placing a zipper on the outer cover of their mattresses, indicating to consumers that it was washable. Nevertheless, when the outer cover of the mattress is removed, the inner layer, which contains 62% fiberglass, is exposed and can release the irritating material with the slightest disturbance.

What damage can the fiberglass in Zinus mattresses cause?

While it is neither toxic nor carcinogenic, fiberglass is made of glass similar to that in drinking glasses or windows. Therefore, coming in contact with it can result in serious injuries. If sharp pieces of glass become trapped in your skin, you will most likely require surgery to have them removed from your body. Here are some of the most frequently encountered injuries exposure to fiberglass may lead to:

When you take off the outer cover of a Zinus mattress for laundering, the fiberglass from the inner layer of the product will inevitably escape, which will also cause significant, if not extreme, property damage in addition to injuries. The cleanup of fiberglass from your home may cost you between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the extent of the contamination. The price may be even higher, depending on factors such as the state you live in, the size of your house, and the competence of the cleanup team.

It is worthy of note that numerous people whose lives were affected by the fiberglass in Zinus mattresses had to throw away nearly all of their belongings, including furniture and clothes. They lost tens of thousands of dollars' worth of possessions. What is more tragic is that some of the families whose homes were damaged by fiberglass beyond repair ended up homeless or living in their cars. In the fortunate case that fiberglass can be removed from your residence by a licensed team, you will have to spend multiple days in a hotel room if you do not have anywhere else to go, which also adds to the financial losses fiberglass can cause.

Why should I become a plaintiff in the Zinus lawsuit?

As you have just read above, the fiberglass in Zinus mattresses can wreak havoc on both your health and your property. It can turn your life upside down in a matter of hours or days. Because fiberglass contamination is the cause of so much damage and will let you with no option but to spend a lot of money on house cleanup and medical bills, it is essential to join the lawsuit against Zinus if you were affected by it. If you have a less than satisfactory financial situation, you have all the more reasons to become a plaintiff in the pending lawsuit against the company. With the legal assistance of a lawyer whose area of practice is product liability, your chances of recovering significant financial compensation for your injuries and losses are extremely high.

To sum up, the following are the most notable benefits of joining the Zinus lawsuit with the help of a specialized attorney:

  • you will obtain the necessary money to make up for the cost of your medical expenses and property damage
  • you will not have to pay legal fees to your attorney unless they recover compensation for you
  • moreover, if your lawyer obtains compensation for you, you will have to pay lower fees
  • the attorney that will represent you will be one with vast experience, knowledge, and negotiation skills
  • because it is a class-action lawsuit, the likelihood of financial recovery is considerably higher
  • the company will be held liable for defective design, fraudulent concealment, and gross negligence, which will cease the manufacturing of more defective mattresses
  • once again, because it is a class-action lawsuit, there is no chance of receiving inconsistent verdicts
  • ultimately, you will obtain the maximum sum of money you are entitled to, depending on the extent of the issues fiberglass has caused you, which will help you start fresh if you have lost nearly everything

We strongly encourage everyone whose life was ruined by fiberglass contamination to join the lawsuit against Zinus. Since we have a lot of experience in product liability, we will provide you with quality legal assistance and help you recover the largest compensation you are eligible for from the company. Not only will the money prove useful to your budget, but the mere act of becoming a plaintiff will hold Zinus responsible and hopefully discourage other companies from engaging in deceptive marketing practices.

Join the lawsuit against Zinus with our expert assistance if fiberglass damaged your health or your home

With nearly 30 years of experience in product liability cases, our resourceful attorneys will provide you with quality legal assistance if the fiberglass in your Zinus mattress damaged your property and affected your health. After a careful evaluation of your circumstances, we will be able to tell you with certainty if you qualify for joining the lawsuit.

You will only have to send our legal team evidence that you own a defective Zinus mattress, as well as proof of property damage and your medical records stating the injuries you suffered due to fiberglass exposure. As a plaintiff in the Zinus lawsuit represented by our law firm, you are bound to recover the largest sum of money you are entitled to from the liable company.