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Our Vast Database, Instrumental in Pursuing Asbestos Exposure Cases

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on December 28th, 2018

Our database is very broad and diverse, as we have been pursuing asbestos exposure cases for over 25 years. We believe that this represents a tremendous advantage when it comes to handling asbestos cases, as it helps both our attorneys and our clients identify with more accuracy the hazardous products they were exposed to.

Since 1990, when our law firm came into being, our attorneys have been strongly committed to helping as many asbestos victims as possible recover just financial compensation for their injuries, either via filing a claim with the asbestos trust fund of their former employer or by standard litigation, which is more and more rare nowadays in this area of practice. Over the years, numerous competent and driven experts, such as legal assistants, database administrators, paralegals, as well as bookkeepers and archival and record managers, have joined Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. Without the resourceful team of legal professionals we are glad to work with, we would undoubtedly not be able to provide assistance to so many victims of asbestos exposure within such a short period of time.

How Our Database Is Organized

Without proper management, it would take ages for our team - which is often very busy and in a constant hurry - to find exactly what they are looking for. Consequently, we are aware of how vital organization is to our database, which is comprised of the following, among others:

Diapositives with asbestos exposure sites
Diapositives with asbestos exposure sites

  • diapositives with asbestos exposure sites from the last century
  • a database of the companies known to have employed asbestos at some point in the past, whose number exceeds 100
  • the employment and medical records of our clients, which are safely kept in a library with mobile shelves for easy access
  • product identification books with high-quality photos of asbestos products people who worked at certain companies before 1980 might have handled or come in contact with on the job

We believe our database represents a tremendous advantage when it comes to handling asbestos cases, as it helps both our attorneys and our clients identify with more accuracy the hazardous products they were exposed to in the workplace. Because the diseases asbestos exposure is responsible for usually take between 10 and 50 years to ensure, forgetting information is not uncommon. Furthermore, the majority of people who seek our assistance are elderly, which makes the endeavor of building a solid claim or lawsuit even more challenging. However, with visual aid, recalling details concerning their occupational asbestos exposure becomes significantly easier. By virtue of our database, we can even put our clients in touch with former co-workers who may want to get involved in the case as eyewitnesses.

Our Invaluable Colleagues Going to Great Lengths to Keep the Database Organized

  • Alan Brasher - being a part of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. since 1993, Alan is our archival and record manager, whose responsibilities include organizing large numbers of documents for case-related projects, storing evidence which may prove of great importance to a case, as well as maintaining the paperwork, documents, and X-rays of our clients
  • Chris Maddox - as a database administrator and application developer, Chris mostly performs devolvement work on the systems we use to track cases and store client files, while at the same time striving to prevent any issue before it arises, which is certainly not a free of stress task
  • Katrina Jett - our second bookkeeper, Katrina, finds her job enjoyable and educational, despite the challenges which occasionally occur, and she is also responsible for updating the bookkeeping records of our clients, as well as for paying bills, printing, and processing settlement checks
  • Adam McDermott - Adam is our information system manager, who has been constantly improving and optimizing our database since 2008 when he joined our team as a temporary employee

Why Choose Environmental Litigation Group?

The benefits of choosing Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. as the law firm to pursue financial compensation for your asbestos-related injury have to do to a great extent with our database, which is the primary tool we use in building strong claims and cases. With the aid of our database, our experts are able to conduct extensive research and eventually discover additional information concerning your case which might eventually grant you a larger sum of money as compensation. Our system will ensure your documents are always safe and confidential, whereas our product identification books might help you conjure up a memory which could subsequently prove essential to your case. It is also because of our vast database that the legal process requires minimal involvement on your part while it is ongoing.

Are you struggling with a disease which might be the result of occupational or secondary asbestos exposure? Whether your diagnosis is lung cancer, asbestosis, esophageal cancer, or mesothelioma, our lawyers will gladly take over your case and dedicate their endeavors to pursuing maximum compensation for you. We can file a claim with one or multiple asbestos trust funds, depending on the number of companies at fault for your injury. Nevertheless, being personal injury cases, asbestos exposure cases also have a statute of limitation, which is why we advise you to take legal action as soon as you receive your diagnosis.
Our standard fee is a 40% contingency fee. Which means we only collect the fee when we are able to collect settlements or claims for a client. If we do not collect anything, our clients are not out any money out of pocket.