Safe alternatives to benzene deodorants

By Treven Pyles

Posted on August 23rd, 2022

Following Valisure's revealing report that brought to light the benzene contamination of antiperspirants and deodorants from major US brands, the public became aware of the risks they're being exposed to by using unsafe personal hygiene products. Consequently, consumers have been increasingly seeking non-toxic alternatives.

Benzene is a notorious carcinogen categorized as a toxic class 1 solvent with no safe level of exposure that can lead to severe and debilitating afflictions like leukemia. Although the FDA tolerates a 2ppm (parts per million) concentration in certain drugs with vital therapeutic uses, this doesn't apply to consumer products like deodorants.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that benzene isn't an ingredient used by manufacturers, and its presence in deodorants is most likely the result of contamination from the propane, butane, isobutane, alcohol, and hydrofluorocarbon 152a that are used as body-spray propellants.

While Valisure's report was instrumental in bringing the contamination issue to the wider public's attention, likewise leading to several recalls by manufacturers, it also noted that benzene wasn't found in a range of products that were tested, including:

  • Axe - Dry Spray, Non-Stop Hustle, Don't Sweat It - Smell Fresh, 48 H Dry
  • Axe - Phoenix, Body Spray
  • Axe - Apollo
  • Axe - Signature, Night, 48 Anti Marks Protection
  • Axe - Dry Spray, On Your Grind, Don't Sweat It - Smell Fresh, 48 H Dry
  • Axe - Dry Spray, Better Than The Hype, Don't Sweat it - Smell Fresh, 48 H Dry
  • Axe - Phoenix, Dry Spray, 48 H Dry
  • Azzaro - Chrome
  • Bath & Body Works - Stone, Men's Collection
  • Bath & Body Works - Bourbon, Men's Collection
  • Davidoff - Cool Water, All Over Body Spray
  • Degree - Advanced Protection, 72 H Dry Spray, Powder
  • Degree - Motion Sense, Dry Spray, Ultraclear, Black + White
  • Degree - Motion Sense, Dry Spray, Cool Rush, 48 H
  • Degree - Advanced Protection, 72 H Dry Spray, Passion
  • Designer Imposters - If You Like Red by Giorgio You'll Love Our, A Little Sexy, Fragrance Body Spray
  • Designer Imposters - If You Like Giorgio You'll Love Primo, Fragrance Body Spray
  • Designer Imposters - Like Viva La Juicy, By Juicy Couture? You'll Love Rock It!, Fragrance Body Spray
  • Designer Imposters - Like CK One By Calvin Klein? You'll Love Our You, For a Man Or a Woman, Superb Fragrance Body Spray
  • Dove - Men+Care, Dry Spray, Extra Fresh, 48 HR + Comfort
  • Dove - Men+Care, Dry Spray, Clean Comfort, 48 HR + Comfort
  • Duke Cannon - Dry Ice, Powder, With Menthol to Cool and Activated Charcoal to Deodorize, Trench Warfare
  • Gold Bond - Ultimate, Men's Essentials, Body Powder, Spray, Nightfall, Scent
  • Guy Laroche - Drakkar Noir
  • Hollister - Coastline
  • Hollister - So Cal
  • Kenneth Cole - Vintage Black, All Over Body Spray
  • Kenneth Cole - Reaction, All Over Body Spray
  • Land of the Free - Acadia, Cool & Aquatic, Notes of Pine & Sea Salt
  • Old Spice - Fiji, Aluminum Free, Re Fresh, Scent Technology
  • Old Spice - Sea Spray, Lasting Cologne, Scent, Refresh Scent Technology
  • Old Spice - Wolfthorn, Aluminum Free, Re Fresh, Scent Technology
  • Old Spice - Dragonblast, Aluminum Free, Re Fresh, Scent Technology
  • Old Spice - Swagger, Aluminum Free, Re Fresh, Scent Technology
  • Old Spice - Krakengard, Aluminum Free, Re Fresh, Scent Technology
  • Power Stick - Cool Blast
  • Prince Matchabelli - Wind Song, Extraordinary Fragrance Body Spray
  • Speed Stick - Gear, Advanced Performance, Clean Peak, 24/7 Protection, Freshcore
  • Suave - 24 Hour Protection, Powder, Instantly Dry, Dry Spray
  • Suave - Coconut Kiss, Instantly Dry, Dry Spray
  • Right Guard - Sport, Original, Up To 48 HR Odor Protection

Consumers can request safe and non-toxic deodorants from ethical manufacturers

Despite the fact that Valisure's report fairly highlighted products for which benzene contamination wasn't an issue, it's understandable why consumers would be reluctant to choose deodorants associated with the study, especially if the manufacturer recently issued a recall.

Nevertheless, deodorants are essential personal care products that consumers are not likely to renounce using altogether and will increasingly seek safer substitutes that don't pose a threat to their health and well-being.

Mindful consumers now have the opportunity to request benzene-free alternatives from ethical manufacturers such as Hello, JASON, and Native, courtesy of the Benzene Deodorant Replacement Initiative, which provides non-toxic substitutes specifically tested for harmful contaminants. Individuals interested in replacing unsafe products only have to fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and a representative will contact them shortly.

File a benzene deodorant claim with the help of our leukemia attorneys

How did benzene get into deodorants?

For over 30 years, Environmental Litigation Group has leveraged the time-tested prowess of our competent legal experts to help clients obtain the compensation they are owed for their ongoing struggles.

If your use of benzene-contaminated deodorants has resulted in a diagnosis of either chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), or acute myeloid leukemia (AML), we can help determine your claim's eligibility and pursue rightful compensation from the liable manufacturers.

We will only require that you provide us with the relevant details of your particular situation and a diagnosis affirming your condition. We know that dealing with leukemia is challenging on its own, and we aim to involve you as minimally as possible, handling the complicated legal aspects on your behalf so that you can focus on your health.