People who suffered a car accident but sold their Toyota 4Runner are still eligible for compensation

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on August 18th, 2021

If you owned a Toyota 4Runner manufactured between 2003 and 2009 and the excessive rust corrosion on the frame led to you suffering a car accident, but you are no longer in possession of the vehicle, you can still recover compensation for your injuries and lost wages from the company with the assistance of our product liability attorneys.

By now, the majority of owners of defective Toyota 4Runners who went through a serious car accident caused by the severe rust corrosion of the frame of their vehicle know that they can seek financial compensation for injuries and lost wages from the automobile manufacturer. However, you may wonder if you are still entitled to filing a claim if you no longer own the 4Runner that was involved in the accident. We have good news for you! Even if you sold your Toyota 4Runner after your car accident or it was damaged beyond repair, we can still help you obtain compensation from the company, granted you have evidence of you owning the vehicle.

Regardless of what happened to your Toyota 4Runner after the accident, you are entitled to compensation

People who had the misfortune of going through a car accident that was not their fault have multiple options with regard to what they do with their vehicle afterward, depending on how severe the damage caused to their automobile is. Accordingly, they may proceed the following ways:

  • they may file a claim with the insurance company, which will offer the necessary money to replace their vehicle with a new one
  • they may get money from the insurance company to fix their automobile and subsequently sell it
  • they may receive comprehensive coverage and collision coverage from the insurance company to help pay for the replacement of their vehicle if the car was totaled following the accident

It is very important to know that even if you took one of these courses of action, you are still eligible to file a claim with Toyota Motor Corporation if your vehicle was a defective 4Runner and the underlying cause of the accident was excessive rust corrosion on the frame of your car. Since the company had knowingly put on the market defective vehicles, it is responsible for providing you with compensation for your suffering and losses.

How can I prove I was the owner of a Toyota 4Runner if I sold the car?

If you suffered a car accident that was the result of you driving a Toyota 4Runner manufactured between 2003 and 2009 that you subsequently sold, proving that you were in possession of the defective vehicle at the time should be the least of your worries, as our legal team will gather the necessary proof on your behalf. Nonetheless, you will have to provide some evidence of your past ownership, which can be one or multiple or the following documents:

  • the bill of sale, which should mention the year and model of the car, the vehicle identification number, and the full names of you and the buyer
  • the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, if you bought your 4Runner brand new from a dealer
  • a copy of the vehicle registration or the vehicle title
  • insurance documents that state your name and the vehicle
  • the contract you signed when you bought your car from a dealer or from the previous owner

We strongly encourage you to contact our experienced lawyers, who specialize in product liability, if driving your previously owned defective Toyota 4Runner led to a car accident in which you were injured. The fact that you no longer have ownership of the vehicle should not deter you from seeking compensation from Toyota Motor Corporation. Our legal team will provide you with assistance in navigating the process of filing a claim with the company, as well as make it as easy as possible for you to recover the money you deserve.

Our legal team will assist you with filing a Toyota 4Runner claim even if you no longer own the vehicle

The first step you have to follow to initiate the legal process is to give our legal team a call and explain your situation. We will ask you to briefly explain why you sold your Toyota 4Runner following the accident and to provide us with all the evidence you have that you were the owner of the car when it occurred. Subsequently, we will carefully review your case and determine if you qualify for compensation. If you are, our attorneys will begin preparing your claim for submission, while our legal experts will gather additional proof to support it.

Eventually, several months after claim submission, you will obtain the largest sum of money you are entitled to with the help of our law firm, which will cover the cost of lost wages and past medical expenses and also the future cost of your medical bills and treatment, if applicable.