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The Truth Behind Mesothelioma Law Firm Commercials

By Shaniqua Williams

Posted on November 07th, 2018

Recently, more attorneys have begun accepting mesothelioma cases. Even more advertising firms have begun referring these cases to other lawyers. Most of them do this because they are attracted by the promise of a big compensation, but without experience or care, they will win no compensations.

In recent years, there have been unrelenting commercials advertising the services of law firms claiming that they represent mesothelioma victims thereby prompting people to contact them to receive their compensation. Looking at the hoard of television and other media advertisements, one may easily perceive mesothelioma to be the No. 1 cancer risk in the United States, but actually, only 3000 new mesothelioma cases get diagnosed in a year making it a fairly uncommon disease. Some of the advertisements do make people feel that there are hundreds and thousands of law firms representing mesothelioma cases across the United States. Such commercials are often misleading and lead to false assumptions among citizens.

Debunking the Motive behind Misleading Advertisements

The reason behind the false promises made by television commercials is as upsetting as the Ads themselves. The referral fee is the actual motive for these advertisers, who are in fact advertising agencies or law firms that are ultimately going to refer you to a lawyer who actually practices asbestos and mesothelioma litigations. A referral fee is going to be a percentage of the fee the practicing lawyer earns with your case. While mesothelioma cases are usually worth a considerable amount of compensation, a few lawyers try exploiting this for their own financial benefit.

The advertisements may prove to be beneficial for advertising law firms by driving in more traffic, but not to the mesothelioma victims and their families. They need to be careful in choosing a mesothelioma lawyer because, in reality, mesothelioma litigation requires highly knowledgeable attorneys with vast legal experience.

The Advertising Lawyer/ Law Firms Don't Provide All the Services that They Advertise

There are quite a few genuine mesothelioma law firms across the United States that work out of compassion for the mesothelioma victims. Nowadays, a fairly large number of law firms have mushroomed just for the sake of huge returns these types of cases can fetch. But, in reality, fighting a mesothelioma case is challenging and needs proper education and practical knowledge. Therefore, there are not many attorneys experienced in asbestos litigations with a successful track record of representing a good number of clients. For this reason, you need to be careful while choosing an attorney and select the one that will offer personal service to you and walk you through the legal process. Sometimes, attorneys do offer support services and medical referral assistance apart from legal representation.

The Advertising Law Firms Sound Reputable and Convincing

Reality: You can find hundreds of personal injury attorney advertisements on television and websites, but not all mesothelioma law firms' commercials are trustworthy. Actually, in most cases, the group never handled mesothelioma litigation and in fact, would not have an idea from where to begin. They are likely to find a lawyer in your state to represent your case, but it will remain unknown whether the lawyer they refer you will be good enough to get you your compensation. Of course, when you call the toll-free number from television advertisements, you might be surprised to receive the answers to your questions at once but those may not just work right for you! Though calling the telephone number displayed in the television ads looks simple, it is worth to put in efforts to find a legitimate mesothelioma lawyer as they will have a special interest in your case. Remember, choosing an experienced mesothelioma lawyer is as significant as choosing a doctor to treat your illness and requires extensive research.

Advertising Law Firms Promise Guaranteed Million-Dollar Settlements/Verdicts

Reality: Again, beware of false promises! Not all mesothelioma cases end up with million-dollar settlements and each case is unique. Moreover, the compensation each person gets will be decided depending on several factors. Your lawyer should be able to explain in detail the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your case and he should be honest regarding your prospective compensation. Reputable firms will always be ready to provide you with reliable proof of their experience in helping asbestos victims, for instance, the number of victims they have helped so far. Whether they advertise themselves or not, they would have a website with clear contact information, along with their services and their approach detailed.

Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace Can Make You Eligible for Compensation

If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma and you think it's because of asbestos exposure, our highly experienced attorneys can provide you with genuine assistance and legal representation.

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