Useful gifts that help friends and family undergoing cancer treatments feel better

Treven Pyles

By Treven Pyles

Posted on September 16th, 2021

When we learn that someone we know is diagnosed with cancer, there's an instant feeling of heartache and helplessness. We desperately want to find a way to make it all go away. Sadly, it is not possible. So we want the next best thing, to somehow help make their journey better.

Guest post by RocktheTreatment

If you're anything like me, when there's an occasion or circumstance to buy someone a gift, you always want to find the perfect one. And the goal is the same - to make the recipient feel good - physically and/or emotionally. But it's often not easy.

When we need to figure out how best to support someone we care about who has cancer, it's even more difficult because the stakes are higher. Ultimately, we want more than to make this person we cherish smile. And we want more than simply letting them know we care. But finding things that will be helpful, as well as have positive effects is no easy task, especially if cancer has not been a significant part of our lives.

While on the face of it, there are a handful of gifts that seem like a good idea, in reality, many actually do more harm than good.

Avoid these popular go-to gifts:

  • Foods and beverages such as fruit that are acidic, veggies with small seeds, as well as fizzy or carbonated beverages

Sure, these seem like a good idea, especially healthy fruits, and veggies. But not for those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. These cancer treatments can cause sensitivity to acidity, difficulty swallowing, mouth sores, reduced appetite, and/or an altered sense of taste.

  • Scented items like flowers, candles, bath & body products

Again, it's easy to wonder what can be wrong with beautiful and calming gifts. Unfortunately, cancer treatments may also alter one's sense of smell, and/or heighten sensitivity to scents, which can cause nausea.

The Takeaway: If you send one of these gifts, your kind and thoughtful gesture can elicit the exact opposite effect of what you intended. Not only may your loved one not be able to enjoy your gift, but they may also feel guilty about it since you spent time and money to show how much you care.

The ultimate goal of your gift should be to alleviate any of their burdens and/or to ease possible side effects from treatment.

Gifts that may reduce their burden:

  • Hire someone to clean their home
  • Cook or send them meals (or coordinate a meal chain)
  • Help with driving to doctors or treatments, or drive their children or spouse if applicable / needed
  • Take their children or pets off their hands for a couple of hours on occasion.

Gifts to ease possible side effects such as nausea, chills, dry mouth, dry skin/lips, and anxiety.

  • Peppermint flavored products like candies or teas alleviate nausea
  • Blankets, socks, knit caps (also great for hair loss) are great to keep warm
  • Lozenges or rinses made specifically to relieve dry mouth
  • All-natural skincare products can soothe and moisturize lips and skin
  • Simple games can redirect focus and keep the brain stimulated
  • Coloring books also help loved ones get their mind off things but have the added bonus of reducing stress.

If you are pressed for time and/or do not know which side effects your loved one is experiencing, why not send a gift that contains a wide variety of products to ease all of these side effects and more? Rock the Treatment provides an opportunity for you to support your loved one and feel good doing it.

Our empowering and carefully curated gift baskets are filled with the things doctors recommend to those undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. We aim to meet your needs by offering various size and priced gifts for women, men, and children that will help them Rock Their Treatment.