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You Too Can Make a Cancer Patient Smile

By Shaniqua Williams

Posted on January 08th, 2017 in

Our campaign is aimed at enhancing cancer patients quality of life by encouraging people, regardless of their financial possibilities, to offer a basket of fresh food or other useful products to a person struggling with a terminal illness.

- By Shaniqua Williams

Being diagnosed with cancer is always a devastating, life-changing moment for both the patient and their family. Although cancer treatments have progressed considerably over the last decades and the prognosis for numerous malignant diseases consequently improved, suffering from a terminal illness is by no means less burdensome. It severely affects every aspect of your existence and scarce are the moments when you can truly enjoy your favorite activities or the company of your loved ones without being aware of the grim statistics, which subtly remind you that your life may dramatically end at any given moment.

Kindness Campaign Aims to Improve Cancer Patients' Quality of Life

To make matters worse, the majority of cancer patients are struggling with distressing and occasionally excruciating symptoms, which cannot always be alleviated by treatment. Thus, even mundane tasks, which they once performed with so much ease, such as preparing a meal, shopping for groceries or cleaning the house, become very challenging and sometimes downright impossible due to the terrible extent of their pain and fatigue. Cancer patients who do not benefit from the help and emotional support of their families are perhaps the most affected in this respect, as they can only rely on themselves and their designated attendant to perform daily activities and take care of their basic needs.

However, you too can spread kindness and make a cancer patient smile. Even though it may only represent a small gesture to you, bringing them a prepared meal, fresh fruits and vegetables or any other practical items such as blankets, pillows, tea, books or comfy socks will certainly mean a lot in their eyes and your thoughtful act of kindness will undoubtedly be appreciated. Our campaign is aimed at enhancing cancer patients' quality of life by encouraging people, regardless of their financial possibilities, to offer a basket of fresh food, a cooked meal or other useful products to a person struggling with a terminal illness.

Numerous bloggers from all across the U.S. have already adhered to our kindness program, bound to help us raise awareness about cancer patients' quality of life. So far, over 20 people have enthusiastically prepared a gift basket or cooked a fresh meal and offered it to someone diagnosed with cancer, in a small but thoughtful attempt to improve their situation or at least put a smile on their face.

Feeling helpless, small and vulnerable is perfectly natural when it comes to battling cancer, as we are all aware of the pessimistic prognosis, the severity of the illness and the difficulties and perpetual challenges which accompany the daily life of a patient. A person whose life has been affected by a malignant disease, even if they are currently cancer free, will unfortunately never be the same. The anxiety and the haunting thought that cancer might one day return is undeniably going to affect former patients at least once in their future. Nevertheless, small acts of kindness will always be profoundly appreciated, no matter at what point of their uphill journey a cancer patient is. Join our kindness program today and make them smile!

You can read more about our campaign here.

If you are a blogger who would also like to join our campaign, feel free to contact us at hilda@elglaw.com and we will promptly provide you with additional information and details.

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