Can cities with water utilities participate in the PFAS lawsuit settlement?

Yes. Any water utility in which PFAS lurk can join our PFAS Settlement Payout Program to benefit from water testing, remediation, and treatment. While the NRWA mostly represents small and rural communities, it is also involved with larger communities.

Any water contaminated water supply can join the PFAS Settlement Payout Program

Cities should work with a reliable, experienced attorney whose main area of practice is toxic exposure to determine whether they should register to be part of the PFAS water contamination lawsuit and recover costs due to PFAS contamination of public water supplies.

The multidistrict litigation having 3M as the defendant, known as MDL-2873, currently includes hundreds of local governments suing to recover costs due to the contamination of public water supplies with PFAS.

Other plaintiffs in the multidistrict litigation are individuals with traditional product liability cases claiming exposure to AFFF caused their cancer. While many different companies made and sold products containing PFAS, 3M and DuPont are the main defendants in this litigation. For instance, Minnesota Rural Water Association is partnering with NRWA to educate cities with water utilities about MDL-2873 and about the dangers of PFAS in drinking water.

Join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit with our expert assistance

Our attorneys, who have been handling toxic exposure cases for over three decades, can help communities, including cities, join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit if their water sources contain these chemicals, exposure to which can have many adverse health effects.

Any water supply that is contaminated might be eligible to join it, including big water supplies such as those of cities.

If PFAS were detected in your water, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with our skilled attorneys, who will offer you a free-of-charge case evaluation.

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