How much is the PFAS water contamination lawsuit expected to pay out?

Drinking water utilities might be eligible for a piece of over $12.5 billion as part of a tentative settlement with chemical giant 3M for its role in "forever chemicals" contaminating drinking water nationwide. Still, the exact sum of money each community will receive is impossible to estimate, as there are many factors that come into play when calculating it.

The compensation ranges between tens of thousands to as much as $100 Million+, depending on the size of the water system and its claims

At the moment, there are thousands of plaintiffs in the PFAS water contamination lawsuit. Still, the number of water utilities that might have the right to the funds from the 3M settlement will continue to grow as more choose to participate in the settlement. It is nearly impossible to estimate how much money a community whose drinking water contains PFAS can receive after joining the lawsuit, as compensation depends on key factors such as:

  • how large the water supply is
  • how severe PFAS contamination is
  • how difficult PFAS removal is

The only professional who can give you a rough estimate of the financial compensation you can receive to remove PFAS from your community's water source is a toxic exposure attorney with a lot of experience in these cases. They will carefully evaluate your case and consider all the above factors to calculate the approximate sum of money you can receive if you decide to join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit.

We can efficiently help you join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit

Our attorneys have been dedicating their efforts to pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims and now take up PFAS water contamination cases. If your water supply contains these harmful chemicals in detectable concentrations, do not hesitate to contact our resourceful legal team, as you might be entitled to a part of the 3M settlement.

The money you can obtain can cover the cost of water testing, remediation, and treatment. Whether your water supply is that of a small community or a city, we will gladly offer you the assistance you need.

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