Is there a deadline to participate in the PFAS Settlement Payout Program?

Because the multidistrict litigation in which 3M is involved is still ongoing, there is currently no deadline to join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit. Still, communities seeking compensation for drinking water testing, remediation, and treatment are advised to join it as soon as possible.

There is currently no deadline to join the PFAS water contamination lawsuit for affected communities

The multidistrict litigation involving 3M is ongoing, which means the company might pay more in the future to resolve the issue of PFAS water contamination for communities. However, because it is uncertain when the multidistrict litigation will end, we strongly encourage you to join our PFAS Settlement Payout Program as soon as possible if your drinking water supply contains these highly toxic chemicals. It is worth noting that the deadline for eligible water systems to review the settlement and determine whether to opt out is 90 days.

The financial compensation you can receive, which is different for every plaintiff, depending on how severe the contamination is and how large the water supply is, will help you with water treatment and remediation. With over 30 years of experience in toxic exposure cases, our attorneys will help you.

Quality legal assistance for communities whose drinking water was affected by PFAS contamination

Unfortunately, the water supplies of 110 million Americans may be contaminated with PFAS. If you tested your drinking water and these carcinogenic substances were present in it, do not hesitate to contact our diligent attorneys, as they can help you join our PFAS Settlement Payout Program to obtain the money necessary for water treatment and remediation. Furthermore, the responsible PFAS manufacturers will also pay for water testing. Our law firm offers a free-of-charge case evaluation to every community whose drinking water might be contaminated with PFAS.

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