Camp Lejeune: Fetal death claims

 Camp Lejeune: Fetal death claims video

The term fetal death concerns the spontaneous intrauterine death of a fetus at any time during pregnancy. Between 2015 and 2017, over 40,000 fetal deaths occurred in the US. While some of the causes of this occurrence are fetomaternal hemorrhage, umbilical cord complications, and fetal infection, fetal death can also be the result of exposure to industrial solvents, which contaminated the drinking water at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987. If you were stationed at this military base with your husband while you were pregnant or alone, as a female member of the military, and experienced fetal death, you might be entitled to financial compensation, so do not hesitate to contact our experienced attorneys, who will help you file a Camp Lejeune toxic water claim if you are eligible.

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Exposure to TCE and PCE may increase the chances of experiencing fetal death

Fetal Death

Also known as intrauterine fetal demise, fetal death is undoubtedly a tragic experience for any pregnant woman. There are numerous causes for this occurrence, such as placental insufficiency, fetal infection, placental abruption, genetic abnormalities of the fetus, and umbilical cord complications.

The most common symptoms of fetal death include:

  • cessation of fetal movement
  • spotting or bleeding
  • the absence of fetal heartbeat

According to the CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) is also associated with fetal death risks. Notably, both industrial solvents heavily contaminated Camp Lejeune’s drinking water.

Nevertheless, a large number of women who carry a deceased fetus do not experience any symptoms and the death of their baby can only be found by using diagnostic tools such as ultrasound. Fetal death is diagnosed when the fetus has no heartbeat. If you were stationed at Camp Lejeune while you were pregnant along with your husband or by yourself as a female member of the military and experienced fetal death, we strongly encourage you to contact our resourceful legal team, who will go to great lengths to recover the compensation you deserve for your emotional distress if you are eligible.

Quality legal assistance for women who experienced fetal death as a result of drinking toxic water at Camp Lejeune

In the regrettable case that you experienced fetal death as the wife of a member of the military whom you were stationed with at Camp Lejeune or as a female member of the military, you might be eligible for compensation. The legal process is relatively simple, as it does not entail litigation. Instead, a claim will be filed on your behalf after you provide our legal team with the necessary documents.

Veterans who experienced fetal death will have to retrieve their military records and their medical records and send these documents to our attorneys. Spouses of veterans who lost a child will be required to provide our legal team with evidence of their stay at Camp Lejeune and their medical records. Our attorneys will thoroughly assess your case and prepare your claim for submission if you are eligible for compensation.