Why is presumptive service connection important when seeking compensation?

When filing a claim as a Camp Lejeune toxic exposure victim, presumptive service connection is extremely important, as it entails proving that your diagnosis is the direct consequence of drinking contaminated water while on active duty at the military base. The list of presumptive diagnoses for Camp Lejeune has recently been expanded.

For presumptive diagnoses, you do not have to provide additional evidence to receive VA benefits

Presumptive service connection means the VA has acknowledged the link between the presumptive diagnoses listed below and military service at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987. Usually, the VA requests evidence of a connection between someone's disease or illness and their military service or time spent on a military base. To receive the benefits you are seeking, you thereby have to prove that your diagnosis stems from water contamination that occurred during your time in the military or while you lived on a military base.

On the flip side, for presumptive health problems, you are not required to provide any additional evidence to start receiving benefits. This is because the link has already been established. The primary eligibility criteria are that you drank water with toxic chemicals at Camp Lejeune and that you have medical records stating a diagnosis of one or more of the presumptive health issues. It is important to note that Reserve and National Guard members may also be eligible for compensation and VA benefits.

We will help you obtain the compensation and VA benefits you are entitled to

If you are a Marine or a family member of one who was stationed at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 consecutive days between 1953 and 1987, we encourage you to get in touch with our attorneys, who specialize in assisting toxic exposure victims.

To initiate the legal process, all you need to do is retrieve your military records and your medical records if you are a veteran and send these documents to our experienced attorneys.

Family members have to provide our legal team with evidence of their stay at Camp Lejeune and their medical records.

Following a careful evaluation, they will determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim/lawsuit or a VA claim. If you do, they will begin preparing your claim for submission as soon as possible, and from this point on, your involvement will be minimal, as we are aware that victims of toxic exposure often need a lot of time to focus on their health and treatment. In the end, you may obtain the financial compensation and VA benefits you deserve.

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