Will my family benefit from financial compensation after my death?

Yes. The money you were receiving from asbestos trust funds during your lifetime will go to your family after your death. If, however, you had not filed a claim, your family can still recover compensation.

answered by Gary Anderson

After your death, your family will receive the compensation you were receiving

The families of asbestos victims are also eligible for financial compensation. Accordingly, if you currently receive a monthly installment from one or multiple asbestos trust funds, it will automatically go to your immediate family after you pass away. Thus, you can rest assured that your family members will continue to benefit from financial compensation after your death.

If, however, you filed a claim with asbestos trust funds but pass away before the process is complete (which is unfortunately the case of many asbestos victims), you should not be concerned either, as one of your family members can easily carry it out on your behalf. Even if you had not taken legal action during your life, it is still possible for your loved ones to recover financial compensation for your asbestos injury.

The family members of asbestos victims who had not been receiving compensation before their death can take legal action by filing either a claim with one or more asbestos trust funds or a wrongful death lawsuit. As a tremendous number of employees have been injured by occupational asbestos exposure, the vast majority of liable companies were forced to seek bankruptcy protection and subsequently set up asbestos trust funds. Consequently, the families of asbestos victims will often receive compensation from asbestos trust funds. Unlike suing the responsible company, filing a claim with asbestos trust funds is a very easy process to navigate.

We can assist you throughout the entire process

If you have a family member who had been struggling with a disease as a result of workplace asbestos exposure without taking legal action, we highly encourage you to file a claim with asbestos trust funds on their behalf.

  • A lawyer specialized in asbestos litigation will assist you throughout the entire process free of charge.
  • You need to provide your attorney with your loved one's work history and medical records.
  • The legal team will efficiently handle the rest for you.

You should know that the time during which you can seek financial compensation as a family member is limitedThere is a statute of limitations for asbestos claims, as well as for wrongful death lawsuits, which is why it is crucial to take legal action as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to recover the money you are eligible for.

Are you or a family member suffering from asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma? Recovering compensation for asbestos-related diseases is definitely possible with the help of a highly experienced lawyer. Our attorneys have been handling asbestos cases for the past 27 years and are willing to provide you with quality legal assistance. We will dedicate our endeavors to achieve the most satisfactory outcome for your case.

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