How do the last days of a mesothelioma patient feel like?

Every person will experience different emotions before death, depending on factors such as their age, how much distress mesothelioma has been causing them, and their spiritual beliefs.

Changes in consciousness and perception can be associated with close proximity to death

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The feelings a person diagnosed with mesothelioma experiences throughout their last days are highly dependent on their attitude toward death. While some people will become increasingly anxious, restless, and angry, others will seem very calm, peaceful, and content.

Many mesothelioma patients will also strive to take care of any unfinished business they may have, such as visiting certain people or places, discussing with a religious figure, offering some of their belongings – particularly special items with sentimental value – to their family members or close friends, getting their will in order or buying gifts for their loved ones.

Physical changes typically occur several hours before death and include changes in breathing, loss of appetite, drowsiness, changes in heart rate, involuntary muscle movements, and low body temperature. Nevertheless, their perception and consciousness will also be altered to a greater or lesser extent, which is completely normal when the body prepares to shut down.

Confusion and hallucinations are not uncommon when a person is on the verge of passing away either. Thereby, some people may begin acting bizarrely or aggressively, which may unsettle their loved ones. Others, on the contrary, will not be able to communicate at all with their family, as their hearing and vision decrease. Neither of these reactions is abnormal and death is generally thought to be a painless event for most mesothelioma patients.

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