How does a lung related diagnosis help my asbestos trust fund claim?

Since the majority of diseases caused by asbestos exposure affect the lungs, struggling with a pulmonary disease will nearly always make you eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds.

answered by Treven Pyles

Asbestos exposure is responsible primarily for diseases that affect the lungs

Because the main route of exposure to asbestos is inhalation, it should come as no surprise that diseases related to the lungs are the most common among victims of asbestos exposure. Approximately 4% of lung cancer cases are the result of asbestos exposure and the only known cause of mesothelioma, a very aggressive cancer that develops on the outer lining of the lungs, is asbestos exposure. Furthermore, there are numerous non-malignant lung diseases asbestos exposure is the culprit behind, such as:

If you file a claim for a lung disease caused by asbestos exposure with the help of a specialized attorney, you have more chances of obtaining financial compensation than if you seek money for a disease that does not occur in your lungs. The reason behind this is that there are numerous medical studies that support the causal relation between lung disease and asbestos exposure, whereas few medical studies found a definitive connection between asbestos exposure and diseases such as:

Consequently, the people who are in charge of asbestos trust funds will be more likely to take your asbestos claim into consideration if you struggle with a lung disease. It is worthy of note that, if you suffer from a non-malignant lung disease, you will need solid proof of its connection with asbestos exposure. This is where the assistance of a specialized lawyer comes into play. Along with their legal team, they will be able to gather sufficient proof to support the causal relation between your lung disease and asbestos exposure, which is bound to guarantee a favorable outcome for your case. Only by working with a lawyer whose main area of practice is toxic exposure you will be able to recover the compensation you are entitled to from asbestos trust funds, as the legal process is very complex and requires specialized knowledge.

File your asbestos claim with the assistance of our resourceful legal team

Since 1990, our law firm has been pursuing compensation for victims of asbestos exposure and our experienced legal team is ready to provide you with quality assistance if you were injured by asbestos exposure.

If you struggle with a lung disease, you most likely qualify for filing a claim with asbestos trust funds, a process with which we will efficiently help you.

The only documents we will need from you are your employment or military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. They will be used as evidence to support the connection between asbestos exposure and your diagnosis. Our law firm greatly benefits from having a vast database, by virtue of which we can identify the specific asbestos products you handled.

Your asbestos claim will be filed with each and every asbestos trust fund of the companies whose dangerous products you handled on the job or in the military, which will result in you receiving the maximum compensation available for your diagnosis. Because we know that most victims of asbestos exposure are elderly and in great pain, a family member can help you navigate the legal process so that you can continue focusing on your health and treatment.

Eventually, you will receive the compensation you deserve from asbestos trust funds if you decide to work with our law firm. It is important to know that, if we fail to recover compensation for you, you will not have to pay our law firm anything, as we work on a contingency fee basis.

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