Why is perchlorate in baby food dangerous?

As a naturally occurring and artificial chemical, perchlorate can severely affect the functioning of the thyroid gland if significant exposure occurs. It is used in fireworks and explosives.

19 out of 25 baby foods contain perchlorate, which greatly endangers the health of children

Perchlorate in baby food is dangerous

Along with heavy metals, perchlorate is also found in baby food. Recently, a study focusing on the presence of perchlorate in breast milk and baby food was conducted and, according to the results, even though the concentrations of perchlorate were relatively low in the investigated breast milk, it was lurking in significant concentrations in baby formula and food.

Exposure to high concentrations of perchlorate can interfere with iodide uptake, disrupting the functions of the thyroid gland and possibly leading to a reduction in the production of thyroid hormone.

The study led by the researchers of Healthy Babies Bright Futures also tackled the issue of perchlorate in baby food and found that this hazardous chemical was present in 19 out of 25 tested baby foods. These are the number of baby foods with perchlorate out of the total examined:

  • infant rice cereal: 2 of 5 – 7.1 ppb
  • infant formula: 2 of 3 – 11.4 ppb
  • fruits and vegetables: 4 of 4 – 19.8 ppb
  • snacks: 2 of 4 – 4.6 ppb

Any concentration of perchlorate greater than 1 ppb (part per billion) is dangerous to the health of children and also to human health in general. Therefore, you can see how alarming the results of the study are. Although perchlorate is not a heavy metal per se, it is a strong oxidizer that will accelerate the release of heavy metals in the earth. As a result, it is often present in baby food along with heavy metals.

If you wonder how perchlorate makes its way into baby food, the answer is simple: the Food and Drug Administration approved the presence of perchlorate in plastic packaging and food handling equipment for dry food such as cereal, flour, spices, and numerous other additives to reduce the static charges. Nonetheless, what the agency has not foreseen is that the chemical can migrate from plastic into the food.

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