How long does it take for heavy metals in baby food to cause autism?

According to medical studies, exposure to lead, one of the most dangerous heavy metals, causes distressing symptoms in children between the ages of 1 and 3. Therefore, it takes at least one year for heavy metals to wreak havoc on the neurodevelopment of a child.

It takes at least one year of heavy metal exposure for a child to exhibit symptoms

How long does it take for heavy metals to cause autism

The four most dangerous heavy metals, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury, are neurotoxins, which means that long-term exposure to these hazardous agents takes a heavy toll on the neurological and developmental health of a person, especially a child. Children are significantly more vulnerable to the negative impact heavy metals have on health, as they are still growing.

Heavy metals act as neurotoxins once they reach the inside of the body, crossing the blood-brain barrier and entering the nervous system, where they may cause considerable damage.

This damage will be visible in children in the form of autism spectrum disorders with symptoms such as:

  • behavioral disturbances
  • delay in learning to speak
  • learning disabilities
  • repetitive movements
  • deficits in language comprehension
  • monotonous speech

All of these symptoms are related to the brain, which is part of the nervous system the heavy metals attacked, ultimately causing a disorder on the autism spectrum. When it comes to the period of time during which a child has to be exposed to heavy metals from baby food until they develop autism, the period of time can vary greatly, as some babies are more sensitive than others. In general, it takes between 1 and 3 years for parents to observe that something is not right concerning the behavior, movement, and reactions of their child. That is the moment they should seek medical attention, as left untreated, autism spectrum disorders worsen.

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