Are baby food companies responsible for the contamination of their products?

While baby food companies are not directly responsible for the presence of heavy metals in their products, they can be held liable for having failed to test the food for neurotoxins.

Manufacturers of baby food are only partially responsible for heavy metals in their products

Neurotoxins make their way into the main ingredients of baby food

The companies that manufacture baby food do not intentionally add heavy metals to their products. In fact, these neurotoxins make their way into the main ingredients of baby food, such as wheat and carrots, from water and soil, and from pesticides and insecticides.

However, manufacturers of infant and toddler food are responsible for releasing only safe, non-toxic products on the market, which they failed to do.

It is the baby food company that has to periodically request heavy metal testing for all the finished products to ensure no hazardous food will end up on the market. Therefore, while baby food companies are not the main culprit when it comes to heavy metal contamination, they are the entities that will be held liable in future lawsuits, as they endangered the health of children by failing to test and, thereby, by acting negligently.

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