Can I file a claim only if my child was diagnosed with autism?

Yes. This is one of the requirements that, if you meet, you become eligible to file a toxic baby food claim with the companies from which you bought the products.

Parents can file a claim for children who developed autism before the age of 6

Eligible autism spectrum disorders

If you decide to file a claim with the baby food manufacturer whose tainted products you fed your child, it is paramount to know that you can only do so if your child has a diagnosis of autism. Furthermore, their disorder must have been found before the age of 6. There are multiple autism spectrum disorders for which you can file a toxic baby food claim, namely:

Unfortunately, if your child has been struggling with autism but has not received the official diagnosis before the age of 6, you are no longer eligible to file a claim with the liable companies. We evaluate toxic baby food cases by using the discovery rule, which means that if your child has not been diagnosed with autism until they were 6, you cannot file a claim.

Lastly, if you wonder whether you can file a toxic baby food claim just because you fed your child these products, but they have not developed autism, the answer is no. While the baby food companies acted neglectfully and recklessly, we must have a tangible reason to keep the manufacturers liable in a case, and that is a diagnosis of autism.

Our legal team will help you with a toxic baby food claim if your child has autism

Since 1990, we have been offering superior legal assistance for every victim of toxic exposure who requested our help, from veterans and former industrial workers to surviving family members. We currently help parents whose children developed autism as a consequence of heavy metal exposure from baby food recover the financial compensation they are entitled to from the careless manufacturers.

If your child has autism, we encourage you to reach out to us. To file a claim, all you have to do is give our legal team a phone call, describe your situation, and send our experts the medical records of your child. After a thorough assessment, our attorneys will let you know whether you qualify, and if you do, they will quickly begin preparing your toxic baby food claim for submission. You will eventually benefit from the money you deserve if you choose our law firm.

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