What will 3M's settlement pay for?

The 3M settlement is currently subject to court approval. Still, if it is approved, it will resolve a portion of the multidistrict litigation that involves public water system PFAS drinking water claims in the United States.

Drinking water utilities might be entitled to a piece of over $12.5 billion as part of a settlement with 3M

On June 22, 2023, a $12.5 billion settlement was reached with the 3M Company because the chemical giant knowingly manufactured PFAS for the fire suppressant AFFF. This resulted in major contamination of the drinking water sources serving rural, small communities.

The money the eligible water systems will receive will go to water treatment and remediation, as PFAS are persistent contaminants that do not break down on their own.

The 3M settlement will provide funding for treatment technologies to public water systems that have tested positive for PFAS, funding for future testing, and funding for systems that test positive in the future. It is worth noting that multidistrict litigation over the contamination of drinking water with PFAS in which 3M is the defendant is still ongoing. This monumental settlement agreement resolves the claims of public water systems across the country that have been impacted by actual or threatened contamination with PFAS.

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