How long does the legal process take in a case of AFFF exposure?

The duration of the legal process in cases of AFFF exposure can range between several months to one year, depending on how many companies are responsible for your exposure, as well as on the severity of your diagnosis.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

The legal process may take between several months to one year

The legal process in toxic exposure cases is very complex, tedious, and challenging, as the attorney and their legal experts need to work hard to build your lawsuit and gather additional evidence to support it.

For this reason, you will receive compensation from the liable parties within several months to one year.

The waiting time also depends highly on the number of companies that are responsible for your exposure, as if your lawyer files a lawsuit with multiple companies, the legal process will take longer to complete. However, the waiting time also depends on your diagnosis, as only certain diseases have a definitive causal relation to AFFF exposure. Thereby, if you have a disease, which has not been directly linked to exposure to AFFF, you will have to wait longer to receive your compensation, as the legal team will have to conduct in-depth research to find pertinent evidence to support your lawsuit.

There are a few necessary documents you will have to provide in order to file a claim

Toxic exposure cases are very complex and challenging to pursue, as they require solid evidence to support your case.

However, if you decide to file a lawsuit for AFFF exposure with the help of a lawyer who specializes in this area of practice, you will only have to provide them with your employment records, if your exposure was occupational, your military records, if you were exposed in the military, and with your medical records, which must state the causal relation between your diagnosis and exposure to AFFF.

The remaining necessary documents will be carefully prepared by your attorney and their legal experts, who will conduct extensive research to find additional evidence to support your lawsuit. Documents such as the complaint, the summons, and the counterclaim will be taken care of by your attorney, as your involvement in the legal process will be minimal if you take legal action with the assistance of a specialized lawyer.

Our experience and results for victims of negligence

Military bases, manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants, fuel-spill sites, and other locations have been identified as sources of PFAS contamination throughout the country.

Environmental Litigation Group, P.C has worked for decades to protect victims of large-scale toxic exposures and public health crises, including supporting the municipalities' efforts to construct long-term strategic initiatives that encourage polluters to become more responsible as members of the community.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients who have suffered because of a company’s negligence by vigorously representing victims of exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals. There are strict statutes of limitations for filing PFAS contamination complaints, so it’s critical to consult with us as soon as possible if you think you or a loved one may have been harmed by toxic contamination.

We’ve secured many significant judgments and settlements on behalf of those who have suffered illness due to others’ negligence and we invite you to review the words our clients are using to describe their experience working with our attorneys and staff.

Quality legal assistance for firefighters and military personnel exposed to AFFF

Our law firm, which has been operating since 1990, specializes in toxic exposure cases and will help you recover the compensation you deserve if you are a firefighter or someone who serves in the military and developed a disease due to AFFF exposure.

After the initial discussion, during which you thoroughly describe your circumstances of exposure, you will need to provide your attorney with your employment or military records, as well as with your medical records.

These documents will be used as evidence of AFFF exposure, and of related diagnosis. Because solid proof must accompany your lawsuit, our legal experts will conduct research to find additional evidence to support your case. You will eventually receive the compensation you qualify for and the companies which manufactured the AFFF you were exposed to will be held liable for their negligent actions.

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