What type of compensation can paraquat exposure victims get?

Only financial compensation is available for victims of paraquat exposure, which they can obtain after filing a toxic exposure claim with the liable manufacturers of the herbicide. The sum of money will depend on aspects such as exposure levels, the severity of your illness, the extent of pain and suffering, and if you experienced lost earning capacity caused by your brain disorder.

You can receive a sum between $10k and $100k

Compensation for paraquat exposure

Manufacturers were allegedly aware of the health risks associated with paraquat and failed to inform users how to protect themselves properly. Thus, if you were exposed to paraquat, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to see if you qualify to file a claim against the herbicide's manufacturers.

We have more than 30 years of experience recovering maximum compensation for individuals harmed by exposure to toxic chemicals. If the legal experts at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. determine that you are eligible for filing a paraquat claim, you will receive financial compensation for the following:

  • medical expenses incurred after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • lost income or wages
  • reduced hearing capacity
  • pain and suffering resulting from your diagnosis

If Parkinson’s has greatly affected your quality of life or life expectancy, these factors will be considered when filing your claim. As our team of experts in handling all aspects of your claim, you should feel comfortable and confident when entrusting us with these matters.

We have the necessary experience to help you recover the compensation you deserve

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease can be highly stressful and potentially traumatic. Parkinson’s disease can gradually affect activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, sleeping, and even walking. It can be hard to adjust to these changes, but treatments improve personal safety while living a good quality of life.

Most people working before the diagnosis continue to work for some period of time afterward until the condition interferes with their ability to work. In such situations, paying off medical costs may become impossible.

Therefore, if you are struggling with Parkinson’s disease due to paraquat exposure, you are entitled to seek compensation. Call us today, and our team will carefully evaluate all factors that are relevant to whether a claim will be accepted, including:

  • when your diagnosis occurred and if it has been linked to paraquat
  • evidence that you actually used paraquat-based products
  • the extent of your exposure
  • what state you live in and where your exposure to paraquat occurred

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