Camp Lejeune: Gallbladder cancer claims

Camp Lejeune: Gallbladder cancer claims video

As a small organ located on the right side of the abdomen, just beneath the liver, the gallbladder stores and concentrates bile, a digestive fluid, from the liver. Every year, over 12,000 people in the U.S. develop gallbladder cancer. While the most common risk factor for gallbladder cancer is having gallstones, it has recently been found that it can also be caused by toxic exposure. Between 1953 and 1987, the drinking water at Camp Lejeune was contaminated with numerous toxic solvents, including trichloroethylene and vinyl chloride. Roughly one million people were stationed at the military base during those years, most of whom are now at high risk of developing gallbladder cancer. Veterans who spent at least one month at Camp Lejeune, drank toxic water, and now struggle with gallbladder cancer should reach out to our experienced attorneys, as they might be entitled to compensation.

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Trichloroethylene exposure increases the risk of developing gallbladder cancer among veterans

Gallbladder cancer

The gallbladder is a tiny organ on the right side of the abdomen whose purpose is to store bile. Bile helps the digestive system break down fats. Women are more susceptible to developing gallbladder cancer than men.

Unfortunately, this disease is difficult to diagnose in the early stages. The symptoms of gallbladder cancer include a lump on the right side of the abdomen, the yellowing of the whites of the eyes and the skin, and unexplained weight loss. Only 20% of people with this cancer survive for five years or longer.

While gallbladder cancer is rare, it represents nearly 50% of all biliary tract cancers. Because most people are diagnosed when the disease is in advanced stages, gallbladder cancer is often fatal. A study from the medical journal Cancer Causes & Control found that exposure to trichloroethylene increases gallbladder cancer risk. Furthermore, exposure to methylene chloride also entails a higher risk of gallbladder cancer. ABC One-Hour Cleaners was a dry-cleaning firm two miles southeast of Camp Lejeune. During the last century, the company disposed of toxic chemicals improperly, greatly contributing to the contamination of the military base.

Several toxins present at Camp Lejeune increase the risk for gallbladder cancer

Gallbladder cancer

Perchloroethylene was just one of the toxic solvents ABC One-Hour Cleaners would release into the water of Camp Lejeune by the septic tank system, and everyone who lived there was inevitably exposed to it every time they drank water.

Other toxins associated with gallbladder cancer that were present on Camp Lejeune include:

  • trichloroethylene
  • 1,2- dichloroethane
  • methylene chloride
  • halogenated hydrocarbons
  • vinyl chloride
  • carbon tetrachloride

It is important to note that the source of some of these solvents on Camp Lejeune was also service members using and disposing of hazardous products after cleaning up weapons and equipment. A study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found a significant increase in the incidence of gallbladder cancer in female textile workers regularly exposed to solvents for one year. Between 75% and 90% of people with gallbladder cancer have a history of gallstones. Therefore, if you are a Camp Lejeune veteran who also has gallstones, we strongly encourage you to keep a close eye on your health, as your risk of gallbladder cancer is considerably higher.

Our diligent attorneys can help you file a Camp Lejeune toxic water claim for gallbladder cancer

Since 1990, our attorneys have dedicated their endeavors to assisting toxic exposure victims. If you have gallbladder cancer and were stationed at Camp Lejeune, we advise you to get in touch with us. Our resourceful legal team will thoroughly review your case to determine whether you qualify for compensation. If you are a veteran and want to file a claim, all we will need from you are your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. We can help you file a claim with the VA as well.

Once we deem you eligible for compensation, our experienced legal team will start preparing your claim for submission. Our skilled attorneys will go to great lengths to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case. If you were stationed at other military bases and developed gallbladder cancer, do not hesitate to call us, as we might be able to help you, too. Finally, it is important to note that our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to pay anything unless we recover compensation for you.