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CertainTeed Corporation

George M. Brown founded General Roofing Manufacturing Company in 1904. It quickly followed a name change for the company to CertainTeed Corporation due to its increased popularity. Starting as a roofing product manufacturer, the company extended its range of products to other construction materials like pipes, sidings and cements. In 1988, CertainTeed became a subsidiary of one of the largest construction materials companies - Saint-Gobain. From the 1930’s to the 1980’s, CertainTeed used asbestos in making its roofing and construction materials, putting the lives of the company’s workers in danger along with the people that used them on a constant basis.


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If You Worked for CertainTeed Corporation Get Screened for Asbestos

Asbestos has been extensively employed by an astounding number of companies throughout the U.S. before the mid 1980s, due to either negligence or willful ignorance. Nowadays, the hazardous effects of prolonged exposure are well-known and undeniable. If you or a family member has worked for one of these companies, it is highly recommended to get screened for asbestos, as exposure is very likely to have occurred.

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Although the majority of people who suffer from asbestos-related diseases have been exposed in the workplace, secondary exposure is common as well. If you are diagnosed with a malignant or non-malignant disease and have a family member who worked at CertainTeed Corporation, there is a high chance your illness is the result of secondary asbestos exposure. Because most companies did not require employees to wear protective equipment on the job, you could have easily inhaled fibers of asbestos which remained on your loved one’s clothes.

If you believe asbestos may be the cause of your injury, we strongly encourage you to contact us. Our experienced attorneys have successfully represented thousands of clients and can also help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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