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Although the use of asbestos has largely been phased out in the U.S., many individuals who were exposed to asbestos in industrial settings in the past decades are only now showing the symptoms of asbestos-related diseases. Therefore, if you worked in an industrial setting and got diagnosed with lung cancer, bronchial cancer, mesothelioma, colon/rectal cancer, throat/esophageal cancer, and other asbestos-related pulmonary diseases, you or your family members are eligible for monetary compensation through a trust fund claim.

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Believed to be an issue of the last century, asbestos exposure still affects former industrial workers today

Because it was abundant and cheap, and considered to be superior to other forms of insulation, asbestos became a valuable asset in numerous industries for centuries. Industries with high rates of risk when it comes to being in contact with asbestos:

  • power generation
  • manufacturing
  • shipbuilding and repair
  • chemical
  • firefighting
  • textile
  • automotive
  • asphalt
  • construction
  • coal mine
  • paper
  • and many others

Over 27 million industrial workers were unknowingly exposed to carcinogenic agents at their workplace, including asbestos. A considerable part of these workers is diagnosed with non-cancerous conditions such as pleural plaques, diffuse pleural thickening, pleural effusion, and rounded atelectasis that will lead to lung cancer, bronchial cancer, or mesothelioma 10-40 years later in life. Although the dangers of asbestos had been known ever since the 1930s, numerous asbestos manufacturers deliberately concealed the information from their employees for their own financial profit.

The potential for an asbestos-containing product to release airborne fibers depends on its degree of friability. Friable asbestos-containing products and materials can easily be crumbled or reduced to a powder by hand pressure, releasing fibers into the air. Asbestos that is tightly bound or sealed into the material is considered non-friable and will only release fibers if sanded, sawn, or drilled. Before the 1980s a lot of products were manufactured with asbestos by a high number of asbestos manufacturing companies. Many products and applications are still allowed to contain asbestos in small amounts and historic uses are prevalent today, continuing to pose a risk.

Former industrial workers with asbestos-related diagnoses are eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds

Over the past 20 years, our team of experts has successfully filed asbestos trust fund claims for thousands of industrial workers and close family members. If you suffer from a disease as a consequence of occupational asbestos exposure, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. can help you get the compensation you and your family have the right to obtain. We receive payment after compensation was recovered for our clients, a standard 40% contingency fee.

Our process is very simple: we need your medical records and a family member, or the victim to provide workplace information, you never go to court, we already have a lot of documentation and proof for similar cases. There are 60 trust funds established by bankrupt companies with $37 billion available for industrial workers exposed to toxins at their workplace. Any worker who presents asbestos fibers in their lungs will receive compensation. The amount of compensation you and your family can receive depends on factors like:

  • disease severity
  • the size of the asbestos trust fund in question
  • the percentage they pay

We can expedite your claim with multiple asbestos trust funds in order to promptly obtain the maximum compensation in the shortest time possible with minimal involvement of you and your family. There is a time limit between 1-3 years to file your claim, so it is extremely important to take legal action as soon as you find out about your illness.

Our legal process for industrial asbestos exposure claims

Worked in an industrial setting and got diagnosed with cancer? Compensation from asbestos trust funds is available

Set up by liable companies that entered bankruptcy protection, asbestos trust funds represent a very important source of financial compensation to all industrial workers exposed to asbestos at their workplace where they inhaled the toxic fibers and developed cancer or other lung-related problems later in life. They are now eligible to receive financial compensation through a trust fund claim.

Smoker or not, if asbestos fibers are detected in your lungs you are eligible for trust fund compensation

Many are reluctant to check on eligibility, falsely believing that they would not be eligible for compensation due to their smoking habit. When both asbestos exposure and tobacco use are involved, you can successfully file a claim, as the toxic fibers in your lungs can be seen on a chest X-ray and are the cause of your illness, smoking only exacerbates the damage, it does not cause it.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were/are a smoker, you can file a claim to recover compensation.

Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. files your asbestos claim

Since the early 1980s, many companies that manufactured or supplied asbestos-containing products have filed for bankruptcy after facing numerous asbestos lawsuits.

These companies claimed that they did not have enough money to sustain all the current and future claims, so filing for bankruptcy allowed them a level of protection from asbestos lawsuits. If you were exposed to asbestos decades ago and your old employer is out of business, you should speak to a knowledgeable legal expert about filing a claim for compensation. We can provide you with quality assistance.

Identifying the industry and location of your asbestos exposure is a necessary step to receive financial compensation from asbestos trust funds. The process of identifying asbestos exposure can be challenging because there are so many industries and occupations involved, particularly because asbestos diseases take decades to develop.

Our extensive database of job sites and asbestos product identification built over 25 years of specializing in asbestos claims allows us to successfully handle your case and maximize your compensation. Being familiar with many different industries, manufacturers, and products means we can efficiently and effectively identify all the asbestos-containing products that contributed to your asbestos-related illness. It’s a breadth of knowledge gained from years of experience helping those who were unfairly and unknowingly exposed to asbestos in the workplace.