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The most common way you could have been exposed to asbestos was through your workplace, industrial jobs or serving in the Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps/Military/Army/Coast Guard. The following professions present the highest rates of risk of asbestos exposure from airborne dust exposure while working. Many workers we test have the fibers in their lungs and have lung problems or got diagnosed with lung cancer, throath/esophageal/gastrointestinal/colon/other cancers.

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Primary & secondary exposure to asbestos

We help primary exposed victims submit asbestos trust fund claims, family members can also help with the process. Also, family members may have inhaled the asbestos fibers through their spouse, parent, relative, and gotten sick, we also help second hand exposed victims to file a claim. Send us a message so we can check eligibility.

Industrial asbestos exposure occupations

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Asbestos claims for labor union members & family members

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U.S. veterans jobs leading to asbestos exposure

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Asbestos trust fund & VA claims help for all veterans & family members

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