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Exposed to Asbestos at their workplace

While the rating of instrumentman was disestablished in 1999, people who had this job in the U.S. Navy before 1980 are nowadays at high risk of developing a serious disease as a consequence of asbestos exposure. Instrumentmen would perform their job in the area where they were deployed, depending on the country’s need for defense and safety. However, they would spend significant time inside military ships, where exposure to asbestos was unavoidable.

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The responsibilities of instrumentmen included repairing various precision instruments, such as submarine periscopes, watches, clocks, sextants, and office equipment. As for the locations where they would perform their job, these were often tenders, shore installations or carriers. Due to the fact that instrumentmen would also work inside the ship, they are today one of the military occupations at highest risk of developing a disease related to asbestos exposure, such as mesothelioma or lung cancer.

Most of their job entailed overhauling and adjusting fire-control and sighting devices. Thus, instrumentmen would dissemble, examine and replace components of compasses, range and height finders, as well as field glasses by employing hand tools. Moreover, instrumentmen would file gear to eliminate manufacturing defects, which would inevitably release asbestos fibers in the air, therefore exposing not only themselves but also the people around them at great risk of becoming ill over time. Lastly, instrumentmen were in charge of repairing fighter jets, too.

Relevant Job Titles

  • electrician
  • electrician's mate
  • electrician engineering technician
  • electrical drafters
  • electrical and electronic equipment assembler
  • electronics technician

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We also represent the close relatives of instrumentmen that handled asbestos and are now sick or have passed away.

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Diseases Contracted after Asbestos Exposure in Instrumentmen

The heyday of asbestos exposure in the military was between 1930 and 1980. Considering that diseases which stem from asbestos exposure occur within 20 to 50 years after the first contact with the toxic mineral, it should not come as a surprise that it was only in recent years that more and more veterans, including instrumentmen, became seriously ill. Asbestos resides in the body forever after exposure, which may lead to the diseases below.

Mesothelioma Lung Cancer COPD Laryngeal Cancer Esophageal Cancer Colorectal Cancer Emphysema Pleural Plaques

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How Can We Help Instrumentmen Who Were Exposed to Asbestos?

If your navy rating was instrumentman before 1980 and are now struggling with a disease such as lung cancer, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us, as our law firm specializes in providing legal advice and services to veterans injured by asbestos exposure. We will thoroughly review your case and gather the necessary documents to build a strong claim for the asbestos trust funds of the companies at fault for your injury and the VA, which will eventually give you financial compensation for your physical and emotional distress. This way, you will afford better health care and treatment and will also have enough money to pay other expenses.

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