Workers exposed to asbestos

Quigley was founded in 1916, its primary line of products being refractory materials that were mainly used in steel, iron, and glass industries. In 1968, the company was purchased by Pfizer, but by 1991, Pfizer’s mineral and metals division has become defunct. Between World War II and the 1970s, Quigley manufactured products containing asbestos. They were mostly insulation materials that were heavily used by boiler workers and the people working in the construction industry.

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Quigley/Pfizer employees exposed to asbestos

Specializing in manufacturing refractory materials, whose purpose is to withstand extreme temperatures, Quigley was another company that used asbestos during the last century. Because it has remarkable heat and fire resistance, asbestos was the raw material of choice for the majority of companies producing refractory materials before the 1970s. The occupations at the highest risk of developing a serious disease as a result of the asbestos exposure which occurred by either working at Quigley/Pfizer or working with their products are:

Considering the fact that asbestos-related diseases may take a long time to develop, it's extremely important that anyone who has a history of asbestos exposure regularly monitor their health. In the interest of promoting the importance of early diagnosis, we are offering screenings free of charge for Quigley/Pfizer employees.

Asbestos related cancer eligible for filing a claim

If you developed one of the following cancers as a result of occupational exposure, you are eligible for compensation. If you are too ill, a family member can help you with the legal process. In the unfortunate event that you pass away before recovering compensation, your surviving family members will receive compensation on your behalf.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If, however, you struggle with non-cancerous pleural diseases such as asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, diffuse pleural thickening, COPD (emphysema & chronic bronchitis), pleurisy, lung nodules, lung spots, asthma, pneumonitis, tuberculosis, rounded atelectasis or lung scarring, please seek a second or even a third opinion as the rate of misdiagnosis is very high among the victims of asbestos exposure.

Secondary asbestos exposure, a serious concern for the family members of Quigley/Pfizer workers

Due to their microscopic size, asbestos fibers can easily spread through the environment. Thereby, it should not come as a surprise that numerous family members of former Quigley employees developed the same diseases direct asbestos exposure is notorious for, as workers did not have to change their clothes before leaving the facility at the end of the day. They would carry asbestos fibers on their clothes, as well as on their skin and in their hair, which would later wind up in their home. Usually, women would inhale toxic dust while shaking out the clothes before washing them, whereas children would breathe in asbestos fibers upon greeting their father. Today, up to 10% of the deaths asbestos causes are the result of secondary exposure.

We strongly advise people with someone in their family who worked at Quigley and suffer from a disease associated with asbestos exposure to contact our law firm, which specializes in this area of practice. The only documents you need to bring are your employment and medical records. Our legal experts will conduct thorough research to find reliable evidence to support your claim, while our attorneys will carefully prepare your claim for submission. As a victim of secondary asbestos exposure, you, too, are entitled to financial compensation, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Legal assistance in wrongful death asbestos exposure cases for family members

The surviving family members of a worker who developed a disease as a result of occupational asbestos exposure but has not taken legal action during their lifetime are also eligible for compensation. With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for the victims of asbestos exposure and their family members, our attorneys will help you recover the money you deserve on behalf of your loved one. While it is very complex, the legal process requires minimal involvement on your part, as the majority of the aspects, such as the claim and the documents which must accompany it, will be efficiently handled by our legal team. If you have a family member who lost their lives to a disease that was caused by workplace asbestos exposure, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for quality legal assistance. It is important to know that, because we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not have to pay anything unless we recover compensation for you.