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Asbestos Trust Funds

The first asbestos trust fund was established in 1988 by Johns Manville.

Asbestos trust funds have been created by companies which are currently under bankruptcy protection in order to provide victims of exposure with financial compensation for their injuries. There are 60 asbestos trust funds in the U.S. at the moment. Over $18 billion has been awarded thus far, while $37 billion is available for future claimants.

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Top 30 Asbestos TRUST FUNDS

$2.5 billion
Johns Manville
$2.5 billion
Western MacArthur
$2 billion
Nicolet Keasbey & Mattison
$2.11 billion
GAF Corporation
$770 million
Bell Asbestos Mines
$635 million
Federal Mogul Corporation T&N Subfund
$635 million
$528 million
General Motors
$625 million
Honeywell Heating
$452 million
$480 million
Gold Bond
$347 million
National Gypsum
$347 million
$214 million
$270 million
J.T. Thorpe Inc.
$153 million
$205 million
$114 million
Republic Powdered Metals
$140 million
$104 million
$109 million


Mesothelioma (Level VIII)
Lung Cancer 1 (Level VII)
Lung Cancer 2 (Level VI)
Other Cancer (Level V)
Severe Asbestosis (Level IV)
Asbestosis/Pleural Disease (Level III)
Asbestosis/Pleural Disease (Level II)

What you need when filing for an asbestos claim?

  • Lawyer

    An experienced attorney specialized in asbestos litigation cases can help you tremendously through the process of filing a claim and can also negotiate with the trust funds to obtain the maximum compensation for you.

  • Medical Records

    A formal diagnosis supporting the causal relation between your disease and occupational exposure to asbestos is crucial for your claim to be deemed valid following submission.

  • Work History

    You will be required to provide your lawyer with documents which clearly state that you were an employee of the company in question, what your job entailed, as well as the period of time you had worked there.

  • Patience

    It may take from several months to over one year to be awarded the financial compensation you are entitled to and thus, patience is essential. However, a lawyer with significant experience in asbestos cases may be able to speed up the process considerably.

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