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Hurricane Maria - Bad Faith Claims

Hurricane Maria, the most intense tropical cyclone of 2017, was a natural disaster which struck Puerto Rico on September 20, causing over 500 victims, as well as terrible damage to properties. Despite having insurance, numerous people found themselves in the awful situation of having companies refuse to pay out the destruction Hurricane Maria brought about to their homes. From a legal point of view, such insurance companies are said to act in bad faith.

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Regrettably, bad faith is a very common practice nowadays among property insurance companies, which can pertain to any dishonest act on their part. The most common bad faith tactics include refusing to pay valid claims, unreasonably delaying coverage, offering to pay out less than the actual value of a claim, and failing to conduct a thorough and prompt investigation. When harrowing natural disasters which destroy thousands of properties, such as Hurricane Maria take place, plenty of insurance companies will intentionally fail to fulfill their contractual obligation for their own benefit.

In the unfortunate event you are dealing with a case of bad faith, it is crucial to know that, because your insurance policy is a contract, the insurer has the legal obligation to comply with it. They must treat you in good faith, otherwise they can be held accountable for their unethical actions. The primary reason why so many insurance companies are eager to act in bad faith is, unsurprisingly, financial profit. Since they are aware few people will dispute rejected or underpaid claims, insurers feel encouraged to continue with their deceitful practices. Consequently, it is very important that every victim of bad faith insurance takes legal action as soon as possible.


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If you are a Puerto Rican whose home was affected by Hurricane Maria and your insurance company does not live up to their contract, we strongly encourage you to contact a lawyer specialized in bad faith cases. After carefully evaluating your situation, they will assist you with recovering the compensation you deserve form your insurer. Initiating a bad faith case is actually very easy, as you only have to provide your attorney with your policy and documentation, after which they will take over along with their skilful legal team. Opting for a lawyer specialized in cases of bad faith is vital, as only a professional will be able to carry out the complex endeavor of holding your insurance company liable and recovering damages on your behalf. With over 25 years of experience with cases involving natural disasters and toxic exposure, our lawyers are experts in Environmental Law and will gladly help you obtain the compensation you are eligible for.

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We provide quality legal assistance and representation to Puerto Rico residents whose property insurer is acting in bad faith. Over the past three decades, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. has been pursuing compensation for innocent people who fell victim to neglectful companies which could not see past their own financial interests. If you are also dealing with a case of bad faith insurance, please contact our specialized lawyers at 205-328-9200 and they will ensure the wrongdoers are held accountable.

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While the statute of limitations for filing a bad faith claim in Puerto Rico is 15 years from the signing of your contract, it is best to take legal action immediately to recover as many damages as possible.

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Any insurance company can act in bad faith. However, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the vast majority of Puerto Ricans have to deal with bad faith coming from property insurers.

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Each U.S. insurance company is under the legal obligation to act in good faith when it comes to assisting people with covering damages and insurers in Puerto Rico are no exception.

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