Pan American World Airways Inc.

Workers exposed to asbestos

Commonly known as Pan Am, this company was the principal and the largest international air carrier and unofficial overseas flag carrier of the U.S. for the better part of the last century. It was actually the first airline to fly worldwide and pioneered a lot of innovations of the modern airline industry, such as jumbo jets and jet aircraft. Pan American World Airways Inc. was founded in 1927 and operated until 1991 when it was forced to file for bankruptcy. Subsequently, Delta Air Lines purchased the remaining profitable assets of the company. The aircraft of the airline used to fly to 86 destinations on all 6 continents in 1968. Unfortunately, the aircraft Pan American World Airways Inc. operated would contain asbestos until the 1980s, which greatly endangered the health of employees who were in charge of maintaining and repairing them. If you worked for this company and are now struggling with a disease that may be related to asbestos exposure, please give us a call, as you are most likely entitled to compensation.

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Pan American World Airways Inc. employees exposed to asbestos

The occupational group with the highest risk of asbestos exposure on the job when it comes to Pan American World Airways Inc. refers to aircraft mechanics. They would be exposed to asbestos when handling various components of the aircraft, such as brake pads and heat shields, as disturbing these parts inevitably released toxic fibers into the atmosphere. Furthermore, to protect themselves from extreme temperatures, aircraft mechanics would also have to wear asbestos gloves. The actual name of aircraft mechanics during the last century would be aircraft maintenance technicians, and their main responsibilities were grassroots upkeep and ensuring the safety of commercial planes.

Asbestos was ideal in the aircraft industry, as it can withstand extreme temperatures and greatly reduce friction. There were numerous aircraft components that contained it before 1980, which led to all mechanics being exposed to toxic fibers by disturbing these parts. For instance, repairing brakes was one of the work tasks that involved a high level of asbestos exposure, as the replacement of a brake pad would consist of constant manipulation and tugging back and forth, which unavoidably released asbestos fibers in the air. If they had to work on the engine, they would encounter asbestos as well in the form of asbestos blankets. The following are the most usual asbestos products aircraft workers would encounter on the job:

Some of the major companies that manufactured aircraft components for Pan American World Airways Inc. were Goodyear, Honeywell, Johns Manville, Goodrich, Northrop Grumman, and Fairchild Republic Co. As for the occupational groups that were exposed to asbestos as a result of coming in contact with the aircraft components of this airline, they include the following:

Asbestos related cancer eligible for filing a claim

If you developed one of the following cancers as a result of occupational exposure, you are eligible for compensation. If you are too ill, a family member can help you with the legal process. In the unfortunate event that you pass away before recovering compensation, your surviving family members will receive compensation on your behalf.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If, however, you struggle with non-cancerous pleural diseases such as asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, diffuse pleural thickening, COPD (emphysema & chronic bronchitis), pleurisy, lung nodules, lung spots, asthma, pneumonitis, tuberculosis, rounded atelectasis or lung scarring, please seek a second or even a third opinion as the rate of misdiagnosis is very high among the victims of asbestos exposure.

Secondary asbestos exposure, a serious concern for the family members of Pan American World Airways Inc.

During the last century, secondary asbestos exposure was very common in the families where one of the members worked with asbestos on a regular basis, such as aircraft mechanics. Asbestos companies did all in their power to cover up the dangers of asbestos exposure, and as a result, employees were not given protective equipment to wear on the job. They were also not required to change their clothes at the end of their shift. Therefore, they would bring home asbestos fibers on their work clothes, as well as on their skin and hair, since asbestos fibers are microscopic. Upon greeting the worker, their family members would inhale and ingest toxic fibers.

If you shared the same living space as a Pan American World Airways Inc. worker and developed a disease that seems related to asbestos exposure, we encourage you to give our legal team a phone call, as you may be entitled to compensation. We will thoroughly evaluate your case to determine whether you qualify for filing a claim. If you do, our attorneys will quickly prepare it for submission so that you can benefit from the money you deserve within the shortest time possible. Your involvement in the process will be minimal, as we know that victims of asbestos exposure are usually in a lot of suffering.

Legal assistance in wrongful death asbestos exposure cases for family members

It is not unusual for asbestos exposure victims to fail to file a claim during their lifetime, as they often pass away suddenly after they find out about their disease, or they fear a long and complicated legal process. In the regrettable event that you lost a family member to a disease caused by occupational asbestos exposure, you should contact us, as we will help you file a wrongful death claim with the companies responsible for their demise.

You will only have to explain your situation and provide our legal team with the employment and medical records of your loved one, as well as with their death certificate as evidence and as a starting point for our attorneys. Our lawyers will carefully prepare your claim for submission, and you will receive the compensation your family member would have been entitled to within several months from claim submission.