Impaired immune system function - PFAS exposure claims

When the immune system does not work properly, impaired immune system function is diagnosed. There are numerous causes for the poor functioning of the immune system, such as struggling with certain health conditions, undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and taking medication such as corticosteroids. However, recent medical studies found a link between impaired immune system function and exposure to PFAS that are currently polluting over 700 military sites in the US. If you lived at one of these military bases and the function of your immune system was subsequently impaired, you are eligible for compensation.

Claim Application

A weak immune system can lead to the development of many serious health problems, as the body is significantly more prone to infections and diseases. Since the immune system fails to protect the body against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, people with a poorly functioning immune system are more susceptible to contracting these pathogens. In the United States, there are approximately 10 million people with a weak immune system, which is very alarming. Therefore, nearly 4% of the population of the country is immunocompromised. The following are the signs of a poor immune system:

  • frequent colds and infections
  • blood disorders
  • delayed growth and development
  • autoimmune diseases
  • skin rashes
  • high levels of stress
  • digestive system problems
  • organ inflammation
  • slow healing of wounds

On military bases, the main source of PFAS is the use of aqueous film-forming foam, also known as AFFF, by military firefighters and trainees to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires. This fire suppressant, while very effective, is highly dangerous, as once PFAS are released into the environment, they persist, since they are forever chemicals. Similarly, once they enter the human body through inhalation or ingestion, they remain there forever, being able to compromise the immune system. If you were stationed at a military base that was contaminated with PFAS and the function of your immune system was impaired, we strongly advise you to contact our legal team so that you can recover the financial compensation you are entitled to. It is important to know that the family members who were stationed at polluted military bases along with members of the military are also eligible for compensation if their immune system becomes compromised as a result of exposure to PFAS.

Quality legal assistance for people with impaired immune system function exposed to PFAS

With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation on behalf of victims of toxic exposure, our legal team has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to from the liable AFFF manufacturers, as well as from the VA if you are a veteran. Although the legal process is quite complex and tedious, it will require minimal involvement on your part, as we are aware that people with a weak immune system are often in a lot of physical and emotional pain.

Therefore, the only documents we will need from you are evidence of your stay at the military base in question and proof of diagnosis. The rest of the paperwork will be efficiently handled by our skilled legal team. Eventually, following claim submission, you will receive the maximum compensation available for your diagnosis if you choose to work with our law firm.