Liver cirrhosis - PFAS exposure claims

There are over 630,000 people who are struggling with liver cirrhosis in the US. While liver cirrhosis can be the result of obesity, diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, and hepatitis, exposure to PFAS can also result in this condition. PFAS are a group of toxic fluorinated chemicals that are currently polluting more than 700 military sites throughout the country. If you were stationed at a military base contaminated with PFAS, either alone or with your family members, and developed liver cirrhosis, you may be eligible for compensation, which our skilled legal team can help you recover.

Claim Application

Even if you have a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, our attorneys will have to review your military and medical records to determine whether you are indeed eligible for compensation. We offer a free evaluation to everyone who wants to file a claim.

The scar tissue that occurs with liver cirrhosis also prevents normal blood flow through the organ. As cirrhosis progresses, your liver begins to fail, which can lead to serious health complications, such as ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, hepatic encephalopathy, portal hypertension, variceal bleeding, and hepatorenal syndrome. The damage caused by cirrhosis to the liver is permanent and irreversible. Numerous people are not aware that they suffer from liver cirrhosis, as the condition can go unnoticed for many years until the organ is severely damaged. The most common symptoms of liver cirrhosis include the following:

  • easy bleeding or bruising
  • persistent yellowing of the skin and eyes
  • severe itching
  • abdominal pain
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • swelling due to fluid buildup in your abdomen and legs
  • difficulty with concentration and memory
  • unexplained weight loss

On military bases, the source of PFAS is the use of aqueous film-forming foam, commonly known as AFFF, used by military firefighters and trainees to put out jet fuel and petroleum fires. This fire suppressant, while very effective, is highly dangerous, as once PFAS are released into the environment, they persist, since they are forever chemicals. Similarly, once they reach the inside of the body, they cannot be eliminated from your system, being able to lead to serious health conditions such as liver cirrhosis over the years. In the unfortunate event that you were stationed at a military base contaminated with PFAS, either as a member of the military or as a family member of one, and developed liver cirrhosis, you might be eligible for compensation from the companies that manufactured the AFFF you were exposed to.

Quality legal assistance for people injured by PFAS on military bases

With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation on behalf of toxic exposure victims, our legal team is ready to provide you with quality assistance in filing a claim with the companies responsible for your liver cirrhosis diagnosis if you were stationed at one or multiple military bases where PFAS were present and meet the eligibility criteria. Although the legal process is quite complex and demanding, your involvement will be minimal, which will allow you to focus on your health and treatment.

The only documents we will need from veterans are their military records, which they must retrieve, and their medical records. Family members will have to provide our legal team with evidence of their stay at the military base and their medical records, too. Eventually, following claim submission, you may receive the compensation available for your diagnosis from the liable companies, as well as disability compensation from the VA if you are a veteran.