Lung cancer - PFAS exposure claims

While the majority of people associated lung cancer with tobacco smoking, as up to 90% of these cases are the result of this unhealthy habit, 4% of lung cancer cases are caused by exposure to toxic agents such as PFAS. This is a group of fluorinated chemicals that are currently polluting over 700 military sites throughout the US. The main source of PFAS on military bases is the use of aqueous film-forming foam by military firefighters and trainees to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires. If you developed lung cancer as a consequence of exposure to PFAS on one or multiple contaminated military bases, either as a veteran or as the family member of one, we strongly encourage you to contact our law firm, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Claim Application

Even if you have a diagnosis of lung cancer, our attorneys will have to review your military and medical records to determine whether you are indeed eligible for compensation. We offer a free evaluation to everyone who wants to file a claim.

Every year, approximately 235,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in the United States. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the country. Only 21% of people who struggle with this awful malignant disease will live for 5 years or longer following diagnosis. Therefore, lung cancer is mostly a deadly disease. When both tobacco smoking and exposure to toxic agents occur in a person, their risk of developing lung cancer increases by 50 to 84 times. The following are the most common symptoms of lung cancer:

  • a persistent cough
  • recurrent chest infections
  • coughing up blood
  • pain with breathing
  • difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • unexplained weight loss
  • hoarseness
  • swelling of the face or neck
  • wheezing
  • finger clubbing

On military bases, the main source of PFAS is AFFF, which was developed by the U.S. Navy in the 1960s with the help of the renowned company 3M. PFAS are forever chemicals, which means that once they are released into the environment, they persist. Similarly, once they enter the human body, they remain there forever, being able to cause numerous awful health problems, including lung cancer.  If you were stationed at a military base contaminated with PFAS and developed lung cancer, please reach out to our legal team, as we have the necessary knowledge and resources to help you file a claim if you qualify. Similarly, if one of the family members who were stationed with you comes to struggle with lung cancer, they may also be eligible for compensation.

If you were/are a smoker and struggle with lung cancer but also suffered toxic exposure, we can look into eligibility for a claim for you.

Quality legal assistance for victims of lung cancer exposed to PFAS

With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for victims of toxic exposure, our legal team is ready to provide you with quality assistance if you were exposed to AFFF as a military or civilian firefighter. Our attorneys will carefully review your documents to determine whether you are eligible for compensation. Although the legal process is quite complex and demanding, it will require minimal involvement on your behalf, as we know that cancer patients are in great physical and emotional pain.

You will only have to send our legal team your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. The rest of the documents will be handled by our skilled legal team. Eventually, you may receive the financial compensation available for your lung cancer diagnosis. It is important to know that our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not have to pay our attorneys anything unless they recover compensation for you.