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As a disease in which malignant cells develop in the tissues of the thyroid gland, thyroid cancer affects roughly 43,720 people nationwide every year. Some of the risk factors for thyroid cancer are being female, genetics, a diet low in iodine, radiation exposure, and a history of breast cancer. However, it has recently come to light that exposure to PFAS on military bases can also result in thyroid cancer in the veterans and family members who lived at these installations. At the moment, over 700 military bases across the country are contaminated with PFAS, a group of highly toxic substances that came from firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF. This firefighting foam contains up to 98% PFAS, making it very dangerous to the health of people living at military bases. If you spent time at a military base with a known history of PFAS contamination and now struggle with thyroid cancer, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys, as you might be entitled to financial compensation.

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PFOA exposure was found to inhibit the accumulation of iodine in thyroid cells

Thyroid cancer

PFAS, also known as "forever chemicals", act as endocrine-disrupting chemicals because of their ability to interfere with the hormone system, which may result in thyroid disease.

Veterans and family members who lived at contaminated military bases and now have thyroid disease might be more prone to developing cancer.

Furthermore, PFOS exposure was found to increase the risk of thyroid cancer in people exposed to it by 56%. This is one of the most common substances from this group, as well as one of the most dangerous.

The longer a person is exposed to PFAS, the more chances of developing thyroid cancer they have, as these chemicals accumulate in the body over time.

If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at one or more military bases with known PFAS contamination for at least one cumulative year and worry you might have thyroid cancer, these are the symptoms you should seek medical attention for:

  • a painless lump or swelling in the neck
  • hoarseness or other voice changes
  • trouble swallowing and breathing
  • swollen lymph nodes in the neck

In laboratory studies, PFAS were shown to cause hypertrophy and hyperplasia of thyroid follicular cells and had a strong association with low total and free thyroxine concentrations. If these changes occur in the thyroid gland, the risk of developing cancer becomes higher. We encourage veterans and family members with thyroid cancer who lived at PFAS-contaminated military bases to get in touch with our diligent attorneys, as they might be eligible to file a claim and obtain compensation for their unjust suffering. Our law firm has over three decades of experience in handling toxic exposure cases, so we can easily determine whether you qualify to file a military base toxic exposure claim.

File your thyroid cancer military base toxic exposure claim with the assistance of our skilled attorneys

With over 30 years of experience in filing toxic exposure claims, our attorneys are ready to offer you quality legal assistance if you are a veteran or a family member of one struggling with thyroid cancer due to PFAS exposure on military bases. The process of filing a claim is simple and will require minimal involvement on your part, as we understand how physically and emotionally draining suffering from cancer can be.

Veterans who intend to file a claim will only have to provide our legal team with their military records, which they must retrieve, and their medical records, while family members will have to send in proof of their stay at the military base along with their medical records. If we determine that you are eligible to file a claim, we will go to great lengths to obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to.