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Beverly C. - Father Died of Lung Cancer

Edward was born in 1928 and died in November, 2014 because of Lung Cancer. He was first diagnosed with Asbestosis/Pleural Disease in December, 1992, after which, approximately two decades apart, came another terrible asbestos-related disease diagnosis which proved to be fatal in just one week and most probably developed as a consequence of the aforementioned asbestosis. Edward was diagnosed by Dr. Warren J. from Birmingham, Alabama, after he showed up presenting strange symptoms such as persistent coughing and spitting.

Shortly after we began working on Edward’s case, we found the potential source of his exposure to asbestos, as the work history as well as his daughter Beverly’s statement revealed that Edward worked as a Chainer for the United States Pipe and Foundry Company, LLC, where he most likely came in contact with asbestos. As asbestosis is a disease that cannot be cured, it has the potential to evolve into graver conditions such as Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma, which is what eventually happened in Edward’s situation.

While Beverly lost her father 3 years ago, we still helped her recover the financial compensation that Edward might have been entitled to receive for his suffering.